Bonus Checks, FREE Money & State Stimulus Checks!

Bonus checks, free money and state stimulus checks!
In this video, we discuss some of the stimulus programs that are going on right now on the state level including state stimulus checks, and other free money programs and giveaways that are going on right now on the state level. We could call these state stimulus checks which is exactly what they are, but we discuss some of the programs around the country in different states and massive amounts of money that is being given to residents of the states. This is just a normal another form of state stimulus checks, while we wait for the fourth stimulus check and monthly recurring stimulus checks, some people are getting relief on the state level from stimulus checks from their specific state. We will continue watching for the fourth stimulus check and monthly stimulus checks as well as recurring stimulus checks from the federal government, this is a stimulus update, stimulus check update, forth stimulus check update and monthly stimulus check update as well as state stemless check update and back to work bonus update. This video pertains to everybody including those two were receiving Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, our RV, low income, no income and everybody else.
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  1. Bertha Ellison

    Hey Matt I heard that some if us will not get the fourth stimulus I check I am on SSI and a low income who will get this fourth one

  2. Brenda Alston

    Who do we contact for vaccination lottery in NC?

  3. Brenda Alston

    Who do we contact in NC for the state stimulus

  4. People are waiting and watching the republicans are on vacation and all of congress will be gone for the whole month of august so people will be watching the months of June and July and listening very closely I believe this will be the last check no monthly checks I thank you for all your updates each and every day North Carolina

  5. Andrea Apilando

    How about Honolulu, Hawaii

  6. Victoria Papesh

    They definitely should be sending out state stimulus check and not briberous vaccine lottery

  7. Thanks matt

  8. andrea stewart

    Why don't you ever say anything about va. ?

  9. Debora Hasley

    Hopefully in Cali us on SS will get the Golden State stimulus moneys in June 21! Yah baby 🆓🕯️💜🛐🙏🆘🌎👑😇🕊️

  10. Mona Rosenberg

    This smacks of Natzisim take the shot or else !!!

  11. Kelley Smith

    I live in Alabama and my landlord refuses to fix the water that now has caused damage to my place forcing me to move out. I am needing all the help that I can get. I work and I have not taken time off for Covid-19. So any help for Alabama I am very interested in knowing what can help me

  12. Kerice Evans

    Hi Matt, do you know the date for NC stimulus?

  13. The hidden ninja 213

    These stares are once again screwing the essential workers who have keep this country going during all this crap!! Not to mention the elderly or those on disability!! This is a bunch of bullcrap every call your Congressmen complain nonstop!! We must and up!

  14. Nancy Winczuk

    I got my first shot and i got to my second shot on 14 of June

  15. Nancy Winczuk

    Im on ssi i don't work what's up with that

  16. J. Stephanie Magnus

    Agents! They are going to come after the Little People for Capital Gains Taxes! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  17. J. Stephanie Magnus

    Don't forget that the IRS is hiring 87 000

  18. What's Missouri doing?

  19. mysterywriter888

    I was told if I filed state taxes by my friend who is a tax preparer that I would get the $600. Well it has been more than 2 months and I am still waiting! Her son got it. Another friend got it but I am still waiting! I am on Social Security and really need this extra money!! Any ideas for me? Should I call the State of California? Simply wait? Anyone else have an experience they can share with me? Thanks!!!

  20. California Governor came up with the Golden State Stimulus/ Grant. The Stimulus covers the majority of everyone that filed taxes…the Grant covered SSI/SSP/CALWORKS Beneficiaries. Heard a lot of ppl still waiting and the ones last to even receive the grants is the SSI/SSP. Now don't get me wrong… I'm grateful but seriously how hard should it be when they already know all the info needed. The issue came out as how to issue payments. Well everyone who got approved for the stimulus and have direct deposit should be receiving theirs in that way, CALWORKS BENEFICIARIES were supposed to get theirs on the cash side of their EBT cards. Now most SSI/SSP beneficiaries receive their money on their Direct Express card with some ppl being the exception. Finally, the news everyone on SSI/SSP has been waiting to hear….When will we get our grant payment? Well instead of doing a direct deposit to everyone with the Direct Express cards that they receive their monthly benefits normally, they are mailing out checks…in batches…by zip code. So to those who are already struggling and don't have a regular bank account because our Direct Express is not a regular bank you can walk into…it's through the Treasury Dept and strictly deals with online/ automated phone system or occasionally a representative if you're lucky. But now we get paper checks we have to pay a fee to cash and have to wait even longer to receive them.

  21. Cassandra Franklin

    What about Texas

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