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Bookkeeping For Boutique Owners

[Boutique Resources] -*Bookkeeping/Tax Prep Services:
(UPDATED: Effective 1/4/21 – New Offer: Save 30% on your first 3 months of bookkeeping!)

-*Website Platform:
-*Inventory System:
-*Logo Design:
-*Customer Service:
-*Branded Poly Mailers & Stickers:

-Free Boutique Bookkeeping List:


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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I am a proud affiliate partner with Bench.

Links with a * are affiliate links which means I may make a commission if you decide to purchase at no extra cost to you.

These are all tools and products that I have used or am currently using for my own business and highly recommend.

I hope you find it helpful! -Monika Rose


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  1. MonikaRoseSF

    Raise your hand if you find bookkeeping a super sexy topic! 🤣🙋‍♀️

  2. Empress Lillian


  3. Jacqueline Smith

    More detail please

  4. Hey!! I am starting a Boutique shop soon and i been watching all your videos to know more and they are very helpful!! I was wondering if you can make a video explaining how you get the money from your sales?

  5. Angie Segura

    Finally, someone talks about the not so sexy side of your business. Love it. Thank you!😁👍❤️

  6. Symoun Singh

    What is the monthly cost of Bench?

  7. Would u pls do a video for DIY in more detail.. tfs

  8. Interesting how everyone has a online course 🤔 but no web links to their online stores

  9. Janie Enriquez

    Yes very overwhelming thank you!

  10. Crystal Gutierrez

    Yes, can you go more in debt on this topic? please 🙂

  11. Very helpful I wasn't sure which step I would do I'm not a bookkeeper or accountant this decision was the most stressful.

  12. Cynthia Torres

    yes please go into debt about how to use excel as a bookeeper

  13. Artavia Lineszy

    Thank you. Yes I would like a video with more details.

  14. Daniele Morales

    Yes, I would like another video about this subject. Thanks for helping us soooo much!

  15. Daniele Morales

    Thanks for the new series ❤️

  16. Yes please go into more details.

  17. Go in more detail!! Thank you for making a video about this because bookkeeping was exactly what i was needing advice and help on! Super grateful for you 🙂

  18. Elizabeth Ashe

    How does it keep up with the poshmark fees?

  19. Hi Monika! We love details; please upload another video if you can :)! 2 quick questions – how do you figure out how and when to pay yourself? how does that work with taxes?

  20. Drea's Corner

    Great video! Can you do a video on filing tax forms for your Boutique?

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