BREAKING: Hoskinson Issues WARNING To ADA HOLDERS As Cardano Surges!

In this video we talk about the back and forth between Charles Hoskinson and Mike Novogratz about Cardano on Twitter. We also look at what cardano’s doing on the charts. And we cover Charles Hokskinson’s important message to Cardano holders.

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  1. . People power.

  2. Metalpazallteway

    YouTube is getting sued soon maybe?

  3. Olufemi Steven

    Saw this and bought more ADA on atomicwallet.

  4. some people here will be millionaries ( much token holders wow) through cardano

  5. David Porter

    "I'll remember that Mike." 🤣

  6. Ada is the real deal

  7. ROBERT depace

    just got in few days ago 8 have 340 ada but I plan to start buying for long time over next few years

  8. I feel eth, sol, btc, they will lose or slow down their momentum in favor of cardano

  9. I think both ethereum and cardano will be a thing in the next 10 years

  10. Harris Lopez

    Forex/Crypto is bringing a different revolution to the World's Economy, people are so optimistic, Investors earn constantly while some just sit and watch rather than to Invest and make Profits…

  11. Nice video bruh, Do you know KSM starter?

  12. Comment

  13. Virgil Nelson

    Sean, new to your channel, great content can't believe I am just now finding you but thankful that I have!! Keep up the non bias reporting and thank you for the work you do!!! Peace my friend!! Virgil

  14. 👍🏼🇦🇺

  15. If ADA becomes worth what ETHERIUM is worth I’ll be a very happy PILOT 🛩

  16. Ivan Andreevich

    13:17 Charles warning starts

  17. Anti Communist

    CARDANO is a scam.
    A friend of mine had a youtube channel which was hacked my Cardona. It's just another scam you guys are falling for.
    Poor guy lost his account.

  18. You can buyada at up to $4 and still make plenty on it in the long-term

  19. Matthew Micalizzi

    Ada is here to stay. Long term hold. Those who buy and hold will be rewarded

  20. Wannes Lauwers

    I remember myself almost believing such a scam, it was far back when I began my journey into the wild cryptomarket. That until I told my brother about it, when I was explaining the "giveaway", it came more and more clear to me that what I was talking about was just insane, too good too be true, and almost stupid for someone to believe. But I must agree, people often get carried away by greed and joy much faster then they think.

  21. Grissham Bert

    That's cool video mate. Thanks for sharing. 👍

  22. Is it too late to get into Cardano?

  23. richard marous

    This didn't age well. Ada has gone up every day this week since then

  24. sugershakify

    I never get scammed. My new Nigerian Prince best friend swears our deal is legit ! Lambo time !

  25. Matija Klinčić

    Pawgcoin is real gem! Honeybabe platform with Lana Rhoades, Mia Malkova and much more stars coming soon!

  26. I literally have one of those live stream scam on my list as im watching this lol

  27. Petit Florals

    What do you think of digibyte?

  28. VCM Platform

    I boight at 0.3 , holding 5000 ADA strong

  29. James Porcelli

    Lol I'm watching 4 days in the future and ADA has already added a Chainlink and a TRON to it's market cap.

  30. ADA has last mover advantage 🙄

  31. Chris Beyers

    Anyone that has all of their eggs in one basket and markets it as such is part of a weird cult….

  32. Will ADA make money? Yes. Is CH kind of a prick? Yes but he's a smart guy so why pin the eth vs ada camps against one another? We can invest in either one and it's still probably less risky than simply allowing money to lose purchasing power in the bank. Both investments are potential cash killers so they are fighting for a just cause.

  33. Newton Cazzaro

    "This doesn't mean Cardano will hit $5 next week" 3 days after he posted this video Cardano is at $3 lmao

  34. Kathleen Wyatt

    The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.

  35. Kiss My_Butt

    The wild card that isn't being considered if the US dollar
    collapses and inflation spikes like the 1970's combined with a potential 2008 market
    collapse. Those are two double dip, depression type, events that could
    make crypto shoot through the stratosphere.

  36. Yep, What goes up too fast must come down. Law of gravitas.

  37. Jan de Jonge

    What do you think for the future? I just sold all my cardano's. Bought under $1. Will buy back next dip though, just recent surge doesnt seem healthy, and when the new contracts will be released I think there will be a dip.
    What are your guys thoughts?

  38. Can't deny the cult-like fever but everyone have a right to be in the tribe they want to be in. Cardano is a decent project, overhyped snake oil at the moment, but when it does launch eventually, it's going to leave plenty of red faces who didn't get in earlier.

  39. I have now doubled my money in ADA.

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