BREAKING NEWS: QuickBooks Desktop 2022 goes Subscription only

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  1. Hector Garcia CPA

    I said “May 2015” at the end of minute 7.. I meant “May 2025” sorry…

  2. Susan Bublick

    I am confused. To my understanding, the Accountant desktop 2022 or 2021 one time purchase does not included the QB desktop proadvisor training for certification??? If it is not included, how do you purchase it if you want to buy the one time subscription, but want the training?? Can you purchase it separate or do you need to buy the premier plus or accountant plus bundle separate???

  3. Josefina Rivera

    Thank you Hector for the video. I am like Rick Esposito I will be saying goodbye to QuickBooks as I only use it for the banking feature of downloading transactions. $399 a year for that is a great form of Mafia strategy. I will be looking for a new banking software.

  4. Timing is everything! The fact that they decided to make this change in the middle of a economic crisis is unforgivable. Especially when they got millions of PPP dollars themselves. From a business perspective this is great for Quickbooks they will make a mint from their loyal customers. The problem I am having is giving businesses who are in the middle of a pandemic and sustainability crisis 3 months to adapt to their greed is so cold that I find it unforgivable. This might make them financially sound but it surely clarifies that they are morally bankrupt.

  5. Alexander Tolivaisa

    I love how a company that made $2bn in Free Cash Flow last year is squeeze every dollar out of its most loyal customers.

  6. QB screws you again.

  7. Subscription models suck. It becomes too expensive for anyone that wants to explore software on a self directed basis and educate themselves.

    Quickbooks is abandoning their original market, small businesses that just need a bit of discipline and professionalism in their day to day accounting.

  8. Elizabeth Morrison

    I'm a Certified ProAdvisor and have clients on both QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and 2020. I also process payroll with Enhanced Payroll for Accountants on both 2020 and 2021 (I pay extra for payroll with my ProAdvisor fees). Will I have to upgrade all my clients to 2022 so payroll will work (direct deposit, epay, efile, etc)? I don't mind paying more if we can get good US-based support. I just need to know what to do.

  9. Ali Abdel Halim علي عبد الحليم HATOUM

    Hi Hector
    I have a question on ERTC if it's ok to ask. I qualified for Q2 2021 based on significant decline in gross receipts, do I automatically qualify for Q3 2021 since it's the quarter following the one that had significant decline in gross receipts? That was the rule for 2020 but not sure if it is the same for 2021.

    Thank you


  10. mahlet macdonell

    How do you recorde Gst/Hst refund on Quickbooks desktop ? Thanks


    Hi hector i need one of this 1.Converter from excel to IIF
    2.Transaction Pro or Zed axis

  12. Demcom Group Pty Ltd

    Would this mean that an internet connection will be required to use the software so they can verify the subscription is active every time you open a company file?

  13. David Polovin

    Under the subscription model, will you still be able to run more than one company on a subscription?

  14. Scott Kessler

    Thank you for the heads up, Hector. Yeah, this will be problematic for our non-profit. We update only when support stops for the version we have, so every 3 years. QB wants us to now pay almost twice what we pay in 3 years… every single year?! So our software expense will be basically 6 times higher? That is disastrous! We're going to be looking into alternatives. It's too bad because I have been a QB user since the 90's. I understand they need to profit, but they don't need to rape their customers to do it!

  15. I am confused, can only Pro-advisors purchase the Accountant subscription?

  16. Tyler S. Clark - Dream Firms

    Thanks for this update!


  18. Rick Esposito

    Goodbye quick books. Time to jump ship. Big corps always get greedy…

  19. Branhder Espinal

    Time to go back to Excel sheets

  20. Thanks Hector for breaking this down for us. I was left confused by the email. It seems it may be time to make some decisions.

  21. As a small business owner who uses a small fraction of what Quickbook does, I will look for alternatives to their subscription model. I am still using QB Pro 2013! Any suggestions on what I might find out there for a one-time purchase? The virtual monopolies of Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit going to subscription models for everything is pushing people toward freeware.

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