BREAKING NEWS! XRP CASE DISMISSED! What Happened to Altcoin Daily Crypto Channel?

►BREAKING: COLOSSAL BIG NEWS for Ripple and XRP – The court case has been DISMISSED! This is 1 of 2 things that NEEDS TO HAPPEN FOR RIPPLE TO MOON. Also, Crypto Channel Altcoin Daily DELETED by YouTube. WHY? It makes no sense?!? Finally, Bitcoin and most of the Crypto Market takes a little dip…and that’s GOOD!

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  1. Chain link is on a tear now

  2. Yes more chain link for me too!

  3. Larry Orlando

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  4. Can you please confirm that the case was dismissed? I heard it was not true.

  5. Charlotte Bingham

    I got tired of people telling me how much they make from trades rather was interested in how they made their profit AND that's how i got to where I am today. If you're interested in making good money online through FOREX trading. I think you need some advice from an expert not just watching videos. That's how i understood forex and I believe your case can't be different. If I can improve then you can do better in forex too feel free to contact @carlos_1uptrades on IG tell him i sent you to him ..

  6. sorry it s not altcoin daily.. it was bitcoin daily as he rarely talked about alts

  7. Nenad Dukić

    Never saw that they are gone in past month. Somebody is tripping.

  8. We need a decentralized Youtube ahahaah

  9. The Box Breakers

    Trust the plan

  10. Susan Horsefall

    I am on my way to becoming a good crypto expert this year. I am not posting this as financial advice and you need to do your own due diligence. This is my own story to recommend Mr James Ward to other traders

  11. King Dingeling

    "[Traditional investors] would lose their minds. You would have to have ice in your veins to look at [an 8% drop] and go 'meh, that's a sunday'" xD so true. I have an etoro facebook group where people exchange copy recommendations. My phone went red hot with post notifications when the NSDQ caved like 2% in a day. That's the first time I realized how crypto hardened my stomach and I have nothing but profited from staying cool during market turmoil ever since.

  12. Trading Nichols

    Brother, you are on fire with humor today!

    You're sueing over XRP not being a security!? It's a currency! Forget crypto for a second and remember that it is a security! Lol

    One of the graphing programs I use is WeBull and it uses a forex trading site for the data. I'm new to this, but it doesn't sound like a security to me.

    Don't worry, if you're reading this first there's plenty more jokes!

  13. jenni Anderson

    It takes just a single trial to be convinced that there's no other perfect trader and account manager for you other than Jane Fred. I believe many of you lost a lot via your previous dealings, it's another chance to recover it all through this solid investment strategy that offers overwhelming bonuses.., 500$ yields 6000$ in a matter of 4 days, I can see you smiling now… Yes it works…Get Up Get Your Cash Let's Trade and Let's Win

  14. Thx Dan for your very objective videos!!!

  15. Paul Roberts

    Dan have you seen ETH gold watch last part of cripto zombie he will explain better than me wonder what you think

  16. Fellipe Weno

    Too bad Altcoin Daily got banned

  17. Notorious Nora

    If only Altcoin Daily was using LBRY

  18. tether money laundering service. print fiat tether from fresh air. exchange for BTC. pump price of BTC. sell at much higher price BTC for USD. clean cash.

  19. CryptoMasteez

    Todays news, Binance Smart Chain Validator is powered by micro altcoin (ANKR) an
    Under Valued gem. In my humble (ANKR) is now ready for a big move.
    $$$$$$$$$$$HALLA at your boy!!!

  20. Spiritual Motivation

    Fund individuals who can create a decentralized version of video streaming. That way it cannot be controlled by any power tripping entity.

  21. what is crazy the synchronicity of that BTC drop, it was all top coins, pretty much all coins actually — flash crash and recover, inside of 9 minutes, just crazy. There's no way things can be that aligned without something else going on

  22. Johnny BitCoin

    DCA daily BTC. ADA, and LINK

  23. (my bit) defi coin thank me later (myb)

  24. heres my understanding on at least part of why we saw bit coin drop from 12000 nearly 10% in mere miniutes is the ratio of longs vs shorts in the futures traded on bitcoin was heavily out of balance as there were many more long positions than short positions, and those contracts came due, hence the market correction. bitcoins price which is irrespective to its value is influenced not only by the number of people buying and selling bitcoin but also on the futures contracts traded on bitcoin. hope this helps folks to understand.

  25. DCA and Hodl FTW

  26. Samir Dončić

    Illegal activity is YouTube not removing scamming adds, they do all that on purpose because they don't like cryptocurrencies.

  27. ThirdEyeCyclops

    I had subscribed 2 altcoin daily Channel for a little while but eventually unsubscribed because I was getting suspicious if some of the things they were saying. It's been so long I can't remember exactly what it was but I definitely remember I unsubscribed because I was getting some kind of red flags at the time.

  28. Giselle Demers

    Bitcoin Daily channel is up and running again. Thank you for your great content

  29. Smiley McDoogle

    Thanks for the mention!

  30. Denise Groves

    Can you do an office tour?????? 🙂

  31. Denise Groves

    I want a pool in my office too! 🙂 Love your channel Dan!!! <3

  32. Some ppl call it a catastrophe… I call it sunday.. Its just today……..have to have Ice in your veins when your portfolio dropss 10% in minutes and not flinch… more scared of staying in the usd

  33. Man, you're one of the coolest, most honest, knowledge guy I watch in the crypto space. Thanks for that! 🙂

  34. Almost always i start to watch a crypto youtube video, youtube forces me to watch a few secounds of one this "send me some crypto and you get double back" scamms. And here they do nothing about it. Instead they are going to close accounts with real value.

  35. DCA for the win!!

  36. Crypto Donkey

    DAN thanks for the videos u publish regularly! thumb up as always.

  37. TheRaptor1967

    Dollar cost averaging for the win!!!.
    XRP and court case. Isnt it a load of crap? No court case resolution. I think this is fake news.

  38. There is someone stealing your content and posting it as if it were his own. I have sent you a facebook message and reported him. He is AHAPEYC (second "A" in Russian).

  39. "Some people call that a Catastrophe I just call that Today" Best Line in the video!

  40. Good information. So, how can I protect my 3D design channel? 🤪🤓

  41. Darmando Feregano Versucee

    .30 again

  42. Nobody is shaken by LINK. Moving on 💪

  43. sonia tobias

    It's soo annoying that they can call themselves claiming to shut down 'illegal' activity on the altcoin daily channel, yet they consistently allow illegal activity scamming commercial ads. Wow.

  44. Imaginarium Re-imagining Home Grown Food

    Most likely Zeus is invested heavily in a link competitor that is not doing so well; so spent some money selling fud………or a competitor to link paid them to do fud hitpieces……………Zeus makes, however, a pathetic case.

  45. Yernimertski

    I actually ended up here looking for the Altcoin Daily bros. Stayed for the whole show , Big thumbs up! cheers

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