BUCKS TRADING in Adopt Me Update! (Roblox)

Today we have some exciting news to announce… Adopt Me is finally getting the new bucks trading system added to their game. The majority of Roblox scams happen in Adopt Me, due to not being able to safely trade bucks. This update will change everything.


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  1. What I, afraid is that we will debate who has the idea money trade….
    OG from RH but people think it’s from adopt me.

    Ye I k


    Jermy can I have neon shadow my name is nurvin13

  3. Archana Singh

    Plzz give me a mega frost…..i will subscribe u !!!

    User Name Of Mine :- itzcutiepiedoughnut

  4. Michael Lopez

    My turtle got scammed by this person kupergamerxx

  5. にんじん

    I can't find mini jeremy on roblox. Did he change hid name?

  6. The trading is gone and getting prepared for bucks trading while I’m watching

  7. Alejandra Sarmiento

    Plz my dream neon unicorn im such a big fan i subscribe

  8. Maély Lachance

    What its you user

  9. Hes just making the video and we see
    A huge mega dragon and then we see its
    Butt Xd

  10. Do you have a fly ride frost and king bee if you do can I have them my acc is jaybug621

  11. Hey I'm in the trip army and I have trip shirt

  12. Clickbait

  13. Andrea The Smart Kid

    my username is LEGO_LOVER2011 please friend me

  14. youssef ahmed

    “2020 is the worst”

    “Jeramy makes it better with giveaways"

    "dont trip army is AWEESOME"

    username: Oof_OOO6
    dream pet: fly ride neon bat dragon

  15. i went to a party like that and i was surprised to see it wasn't a scam i got 2 wolfs 3 bees 3 penguins and a arctic fox and 2 bunnys

  16. Jermey 2019: OMG buck trading is comming Jermey 2020:NAH I’m bored of waiting a lot. Me:oh- Owners of adopt me : uMMmM what u talking about people (not being rude)

  17. Renee Sharer

    Can I please have any on Dragon I’m trying to get a frost or could you just give me a frost I really want one just look for this user name is mine cisca8love

  18. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  19. Nahid Sultana

    How do you get a lemonade stand

  20. D jdkdjjf

  21. “SMASH LIKE”

  22. Mᴀᴅᴇʟʏɴ sᴘᴀʀʀᴏᴡ ʀɪᴠᴇʀ

    Hi user coral4candy I love the idea of trading money but I feel like how big how many pets you can put in I feel like people will want more when you trade them so they will be more greedy

  23. Dominic Dziedzic

    I actually got a shout out:o

  24. I h8 u u keep being mean to Jeremy the adopt me creator I unsubed

  25. mixed games channel Tr

    Yeni bi gun cell me gelicel adopt me ue saat 11:00 da

  26. Ok Boomer hype house

    That is not adopt me??

  27. Tran Madeline

    This is crazy I think you will get band from doing all of this I can’t believe how you did this!

  28. Sandra Kleczkowska

    I saw mini Jermey in game today

  29. They say that roblox will be hacked and sorry if i sacrying you but.. its ganna happpen in 27th june sorry

  30. Brady RyleSkyler

    want a ride po and fly po and neon panda

  31. Brady RyleSkyler

    i whant robox

  32. How do you get Sam to do for my fly ride dragon

  33. The Flash Banger

    Honestly I’m at the point where I don’t even care if I get scammed cuz again it’s just a GAME

  34. Jéssica Yang

    (username: JeeZY432)

  35. gaming•dummy

    Nope they arent

  36. Louisa Jackson

    When tactful was nice….

  37. I’m_Landon

    You got your account back?

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