BULLISH BITCOIN PATTERN SPOTTED! [[LIVE]] bitcoin price & crypto news today! xrp btc

Shortened (15m) Version Is Live Here: https://youtu.be/ZNvxcYc8TSE
Are we currently seeing a wyckoff accumulation pattern playing out? If so, this could be a very bullish signal for Bitcoin! Bitcoin Price Prediction & Live Stream Chart. Its Time For Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis! Featured: Ripple XRP, Cardano ADA, And More Altcoins!

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Bitcoin Wyckoff Accumulation 00:00
What is Wyckoff? 01:00
Bitcoin Analysis Today 04:49
BTC Bullish Signal 06:00
Bitcoin Price Prediction 07:30
Have we seen this before? 13:30
MACRO Price Projections (WATCH THIS!!!) 17:21
The Dollar DXY Technical Analysis 34:45
Theta Price Prediction & Targets & Analysis 51:28
Ripple XRP Price Prediction & XRP news today 57:14
Small Time Frame BTC Analysis 59:00
Cardano ADA Analysis and price prediction 1:15:37
Ethereum ETH Price Prediction 1:21:09

Polygon MATIC

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All analysis is opinion of Tom Crown. It is not, nor should ever be considered financial advice. Most new traders lose money. Bottom line – Nothing stated on this channel is financial advice. Do you own research.


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  1. Its an descending broadening wedge…breakout target is 50k to 52k.

  2. mike bennett

    Krown is awesome he used to be a market maker over at the cboe, i asked right away where he worked because hes got the merc jerk personality and very fast paced!! great great guy and hes humble like you .. ego in check !

  3. Great job on the video. This is way better then some of your longer videos that get monotonous TBH. You definitely have TA skills, and your shorter videos have me Bullish on Tom Crown! Good Stuff

  4. Hernan Muttoni

    rock solid TA, thanks a lot for your work Tom cheers

  5. Beardy day crypto

    Can we get a kiss? On the ETH chart… Wouldja looookit' Thatttt

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