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  1. Great! Anyway, have you checked new alliance of defi project coming up recently? It's goodfi, they have great goals to spread defi wider

  2. George; go ahead and set these guys straight. I laugh all the time you answer them!

  3. Alt season is about to come. Never regrets to hold vlx for a long term and would like to add more since they hold a potential to pump on this 2021. Check the lastest updates about their collaboration with solana on its official, guys!

  4. Who bought in and got professionally dumped on?

  5. I bought it yesterday because of you, now it is dumping. What should I do???

  6. Coinbase is for noobies anyway. They crash all the damn time so your not missing anything

  7. There is a famous character, a Google search for

  8. There is a famous character, a Google search for

  9. There is a famous character, a Google search for

  10. Didn’t motivate me the second Janet video was just as bad 😂, basically said right there need to do something about crypto we can not regulate like make it illegal

  11. That yellen needs to look at the existing monetary system full of holes scans galore, banks commit fraudulent activities. While only 1% of cryoto transactions are fraudulent. She need to look at those hideous banks

  12. Thanks for your calm collected reassurance George 👍. There's a German and a Swede on this channel who work themselves into complete hysteria anytime there's a BTC correction.

  13. Another clueless dinosaur. She realizes they are screwed and looking for a piece of the action
    F … off

  14. Come on we all know what Janet Yellen is doing. It's the same playbook India and China did in 2017, cause panic so the price drops so that she and her rich banker friends can buy in.

  15. We need to abolish Social Security and Taxes they don't manage our money very well and they should not handle it anymore.

  16. Just get Hunter Biden to buy a bunch of coin and the problem goes away. lol

  17. The reason the Trump admin wanted KYC for all wallets is to prevent illicit funding of the crooked Dems. The reason the Dems do not want KYC because they would have been exposed taking millions of bribes from facebook, Google, Twitter. The chairman of the board of Twitter is an Iranian business man. He also advises the CEO of Google.

  18. transfer of wealth??
    From who to who??
    Just seems like the wealthy are getting wealthier.
    And with inflation we may not have any more wealth than we did when we first got in.

  19. NEWS FLASH: Janet Yellen wants to curtail suburban vegetable gardens because they could be used to fund terrorism.

  20. I also am suspended on cb after only using for under 1 month…no explanation why. Moved onto Gemini and Robinhood.