CA EDD Do I File a New Claim? PUA PEUC UI Fed Ed – Reapply After My Benefit Year Ends for Extension

CA EDD – Wondering if you need to file a new claim when your benefit year ends for UI PUA PEUC Fed Ed? I have created videos on this topic already, but because this is the number one question I am asked, I’m explaining it once more 🙂
0:00 intro
0:48 Different answers from different reps?
1:26 PUA
2:08 How do I find my benefit year end date?
2:30 Fed Ed?
2:48 Why I recommend calling in
4:44 But customer service told me not to file a new claim…


**How to Contact EDD**
Current trick which still works for some:
Many of you have reported positive feedback with this service which
connects you to a hold line: This
affiliate link will save you $5 on this service and you can watch me
test the service here: I
don’t agree that you should need to pay a third party site to reach the
EDD, but MANY have had a positive experience with this and as a consumer
my experience with the site was positive during my test.
Can’t get through/fixed? CONTACT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER:
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  1. Ginny Silver - Business Coach for Creatives

    Just want to clarify – I completely understand people's confusion and am making this video again out of love + support for those who need clarification. In no way am I singling anyone out or annoyed with my subscribers for needing this info again and asking this question frequently ❤️
    0:00 intro
    0:48 Different answers from different reps?
    1:26 PUA
    1:48 UI, PEUC, FED ED
    2:08 How do I find my benefit year end date?
    2:30 Fed Ed?
    2:48 Why I recommend calling in
    4:44 But customer service told me not to file a new claim…

  2. Jennifer Duff

    If your having to refile a new claim what do you mark down for question #6. Have you filed a claim in the past 12 months?

  3. Axtiz derogod

    Hello i got a question i still didn’t recieve the fed ed 29 weeks , should i file a new claim for pua because my benefit year is finished

  4. Everything you said about “you should call in!!” has been intuitively logical to me…so I have been trying to call in for awhile now… however I was never able to get through even with the tricks. Now my claim has expired. And of course I still can’t get thru to ask all questions you’ve suggested that I need to answers to. Still..don’t know what to do.

  5. D Dickey Larson

    HELP I CANNOT get through to EDD on phone. I try every day. I received a message from EDD that my claim ended and that I need to reapply but I don't know what type of claim I have it says FAC 300 per week on top of regular claim that ended 5/10/21. So confused not sure if I reapply or wait for them to reapply. Thank you. Please forgive me if you covered this but im confused.

  6. Since claimyr is only discounted for first edd call. It won’t let you save $5 off once it’s used.
    I have a claimyr $5 off. Let me know if you need to speak with edd rep.

  7. Three claim “specialists” have ruined my claim in an attempt to fix it. The fourth, and hopefully final claim specialist, told me that the previous specialists should have extended my claim so that there’s no interruption with my benefits. It’s been over a month, and I can’t even certify!

  8. EDD is a disaster!

  9. Sina Nezhadian

    I called the EDD customer Service after 2 hours on hold, they told me that since I'm on PEUC program, I don't need to reapply for a new claim because PEUC is similar to PUA, is that true? because on this video you mentioned PEUC needs to file a new claim!? they extended me till September 2 month ago but on pending …

  10. I reapplied, got a customer account code but didn’t work . Was I suppose to open up a new UI online account or use the same UI online account from a year ago?

  11. I'm on a PEUC extension will I have to file new claim

  12. Vicente Rodriguez

    Ok this was so helpful but quick question what is the number for customer service?

  13. princessintower1

    I once was told by an EDD employee that they are all required to speak English so if you try one of the numbers# for a different language the prompts are still the same and they hold time is much shorter. When they answer it will be in the language you chose but they also speak English. I have tried this in the past and it has worked they are not happy when you do but it works. Hope this might help some its been a couple yrs since I did this.

  14. Customer service never answers the phone at least when im calling

  15. Wow. As I wake up in the morning to be told and heard on the news that April 25th! Is the "Justice" date to check on it online to see if your claims are continued…..the damn site has "Error page not working" WTF!?!? They playing with our money. We better off finding a damn side job cause this out of pocket! Hustle at the casino though has helped me thru alot!! But I don't wanna rely on it too much cause EDDeez nutz!! Owe me playa!

  16. Carlos Franco

    Thank you

  17. Brianna Torres

    Dude she is a amazing thank you thank you 🙏

  18. I called and the rep filed a new claim for me and said I will get a letter in the mail saying my claim will be invalid and I need to wait 10 business days for that letter. Will I need to now go through 1-3 weeks of review now that she did that? They are telling me that they are not able to bypass filing a new claim and that they need to file a new claim for me but that I won't qualify. I'm wondering how long to wait for that letter and can I certify as usual on May 2. Thanks .

  19. What if your benefit year is not over but you have been paid all benefits?

  20. What number do I call ?

  21. coronadohoover

    I love it thank you I filled a new claim I got on the mail new customer account number but I haven’t been able to certify I don’t see where

  22. Just say thanks. Or great job or appreciate u

  23. Y’all drop her comments it helps her continue to help us

  24. Yeaaaaaaa

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