CA EDD PUA PEUC UI Extension Details – When Will I Be Able to Certify, Do I Need to File A New Claim

The CA EDD has issued details in their 3/18 press release about the new stimulus bill extension for unemployment benefits through September 4. PUA PEUC UI and Fed Ed details on when you will receive the extension, when you will be able to certify, why you see a maximum benefits paid, and if you need to file a new claim.
0:00 intro
0:12How long are programs extended?
2:00 I’m hearing other things when I call customer service or in my inbox….
3:08 Those CURRENTLY collecting UI and Fed Ed
3:48 First time applicants can file
5:17 Those with PUA claims
5:51 Those with PEUC claims
6:50 EXPIRED/ Benefit year ended PEUC/Fed Ed/UI
10:57 I can’t get through customer service
13:10 I have a REMAINING BALANCE – can I still certify?
14:24 Awkward bloopers

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  1. Ginny Silver - Business Coach for Creatives

    I'm curious – What was your job prior to the pandemic?? Are you returning to the same line of work after or have you changed your path?
    0:00 Intro
    0:12How long are programs extended?
    2:00 I'm hearing other things when I call customer service or in my inbox….
    3:08 Those CURRENTLY collecting UI and Fed Ed
    3:48 First time applicants can file
    5:17 Those with PUA claims
    5:51 Those with PEUC claims
    6:50 EXPIRED/ Benefit year ended PEUC/Fed Ed/UI
    10:57 I can't get through customer service
    13:10 I have a REMAINING BALANCE – can I still certify?
    14:24 Awkward bloopers

  2. Hi- thank you for your video. If I have a claim balance for PUA, how can I access that amount? I have 2 weeks of payments that I have received on my Edd debit card, and now have been able to return to my business and thus no longer to need to certify or collect any further payments other than my remaining balance. My claim balance is still $17k. How can I access that now that I no longer need weekly benefits?

  3. ricardo olalde

    My names Ricardo and my benefit year has ended and I called in to try to open a new claim which I didn't qualify for . so the representative told me they would just give me the extension . so what's happening when my inbox is telling me I must "reopen my claim" when I've already talked to a representative telling me that I haven t seen the extension to certify to call in on may 3 to find out what's going on . but its so hard to get through should I just wait for them to apply the extension or should I reopen my claim like it says in my inbox?

  4. Dominick Green

    So I have a (UI) claim my benefit year is not expired but I’ve ran out of benefits. last payment was March 13 do I have to file a new claim or just play a waiting game?

  5. I called EDD on two different occasion. One representative said that I don’t need to file a new claim and just told me to wait for the extension but when I called the second time I talked to a different representative and she helped me file a new claim.

  6. Princess Jas

    I’m in Phase 1 of my UI Unemployment benifits. I have only been on unemployment for 8 months & my amount has finished. I can no longer certify, and was supposed to on 3/11 & unsure what’s the next step. In the state of California

  7. Reanna Hernandez

    I have a PEUC claim for EDD, based on the information I gathered I reapplied for a claim… it says that my last three weeks are pending well I get that benefit still once my new claim has been approved? And if so, how long does EDD take to approve my NEW PEUC claim? Any advice helps I’m stressing out heavily

  8. I really just want your tinder

  9. donna fejleh

    Thank you ,very helpful

  10. Thank you for the information! this was clear and helpful

  11. Ismael Valenzuela jr

    Without Ginny Silver I would be a fish without water.

  12. I just certified my last PEUC ,1 week, exhausted ,benefit year ends on august soo I gotta wait for 3week, this suxz ,I hope it files automatically

  13. Very helpful information thankyou!

  14. Dannielle Marie

    I'm regular UI claimant, my benefits are exhausted but my year hasn't will I be able to certify the 10th or the 30th?

  15. My next certification is on 4/4. This Sunday? 5 more weeks remaining on PEUC extension. Originally applied in 8/2019 and received reg. UI and one peuc extension. Reapplied for PUA on 8/20/20. Awarded and then denied bc there were 11 weeks extended on peuc. I'm getting peuc tier 2 now, but my benefit year says: "08/19 – On extension". Wtf…im so confused 😕. I really need the new extension!

  16. My benefit year has not expired yet but I received a message on my inbox re: PEUC extension. “You are potentially eligible for a Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension under the CARES Act of 2020. The PEUC extension provides an additional 13 weeks of UI benefits. If the EDD determines that you are not eligible for a subsequent valid UI claim, then the EDD will automatically file a PEUC extension on your last valid regular UI claim. You should receive a notice by mail within the next 10-14 business days. Continue to certify for benefits as weeks become available.” Now I received this on feb 22, 2021 and I have not received any notice by mail from the EDD. Do I fall under the Apr 30 wait time? Or should I wait for the notice if I’m eligible or not?

  17. On regular unemployment, not on and extension yet, benefit year don't end till September 2021, says "maximum benefits paid" was supposed to certify today but can't, what now?

  18. Pua extension of my claim to 9/4/21

  19. They have already what about the 4th certificate

  20. Christopher Zepeda

    CAN ANYONE HELP? I received an email about PEUC as my regular unemployment expired, but it has been a month, and not received anything if I qualified for it or not, or what the next steps would be.

  21. Anthony Savedra

    Hello thankyou for providing so much Value…last 2 days I have called in an I go through the options and finally at the end the computer voice says " call cannot be completed " no waiting or anything they just hangup. :

  22. mark richardson

    I am waiting on the 11 week peuc extension that would be retroactive from the end of December 2020 to the middle of March. However, my claim expired on March 13, 2021. Should I file for a new claim while I am waiting for this 11 week extension? I am getting conflicting information on this question. Thank you!

  23. They are ridiculous…they had plenty of notice for this extension and I still have to wait until April 30!!!

  24. does anyone have ANY advice on how to get ahold of customer service for EDD?? a couple years ago, I was able to reach them easier, obviously… However, for the past YEAR, I have not been able to reach them ONE time of the 40-50 or more, times that I have called them. I have tried ALL numbers I have for them, I have tried calling right at 8am, I have tried redialing over and over and NOTHING!!! I live in the east bay area and this should NOT be this hard. I find it very frustrating when people act like calling in to customer service is so simple" when they have hung up on me after playing a BS recording saying they cannot answer my call at this time"…..What am I supposed to do when they literally never answer the phone when I call, EVER???? I have also sent messages via UI online and they do not respond to that either…. its absolutely infuriating!!!!! Can anyone help me? Please.

  25. Linda Cavallero

    What is the secret to calling and what number are we suppose to call, PLEASE

  26. My year is up…do I need to re-apply or will it kick in automatically? How do I know if I’m receiving pandemic assistance or just UI?

  27. Katie Leslie

    PEUC gang here 🙋‍♀️ my benefit year has not expired yet… but man, waiting until the 30th of April to certify for benefits… that's rough AF…

  28. wesly murphy

    Hello, I was on extension from the last bill. It says to file a new claim. But, I know they are supposed to automatically file for the 2nd extension form this new bill. Should I wait for the end of april?

  29. Need some advice. I just certified my last week of 2nd peuc extension. From my understanding they will automatically extend my peuc. However, here is the tricky part in which I dont think they will extend it and I'm leaning towards reapplying for UI cause my benefit year ends next Saturday, April 3. I'm not getting paid this upcoming week anyways and should wait this week, then another 3 weeks to be approved for regular unemployment? That's 4 weeks. Think I'll call EDD on Sunday and I pray it's someone knowledgeable

  30. Andres Aguilar

    How do I know if I qualify for the extension

  31. gertrude oleksiak

    I collected 6 months and got message from EDD about PEUC eligibiliity, will I be able to certify SUnday or end of April? Will EDD automatically transition me from regular UI to PEUC?

  32. I’ve Got The Gift Of GOODBYE

    Michigan just updated on the 22nd I wish there was a Michigan channel like yours. You do such a nice job and you’re very well spoken.

  33. nashayia anderson

    I’m glad I watched this but I’m still confused. I started receiving benefits September 2020 but I received back pay. 1)does that mean my claim year ends when my back pay was back dated or does it end September of this year? I also am on a pua claim that has an end end date of 4/10, and I was able to certify the last Sunday we were able to certify which was 3/14 and I did get paid. However with that being the case am I able to file this upcoming Sunday and receive payment the next day or has that been revoked? I’m also concerned about if I have exhausted my pua claim or will I be receiving an extension. Please help me understand 🙂

  34. Question: So if your PEUC claim has been exhausted do you have to reapply for UI or do just wait until April 30th? Anyone help????

  35. Pedro Cortez

    Wy im not geting paid of my claim year ends 4 10 2021

  36. So glad I watched all the way through for the outtakes. 😆

  37. Virgilio Jr L Yap

    Thanks for Free

  38. It says I can’t file a new one till my current benefit year ends?

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