CA EDD PUA UI Taxes – Do I Need To Pay Taxes on Unemployment + $600 Unemployment Boost in California

Wondering what you need to know about income taxes and your unemployment benefits? Is the $600 boost taxable, how and when do you pay taxes on ui and pua, how much to set aside, and more. Do I Need To Pay Taxes on Unemployment + $600 Unemployment Boost in California

0:09 Chinchilla?
0:16 True start – Is unemployment taxable?
0:48 CA unemployment taxes
1:09 How do you pay UI taxes?
1:09 Checking the box on your certification to withhold
1:49 What if you DONT check the box to have taxes withheld?
2:28 $600 boost taxed?
3:00 I check the box to withhold taxes – isn’t the EDD withholding taxes on that boost?
3:36 Should I put aside MORE than 10%?
5:16 Will I receive a tax for from the EDD?
5:36 What if I pay estimated quarterlys
6:15 Summary
6:34 What about the $300 upcoming boost?

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 More info on 600 boost taxes:

Department of Labor’s publication which states that the FPUC is taxable:

6. Taxable Income. The $600 FPUC is taxable. Therefore, states must include FPUC
when preparing 1099Gs, and must, consistent with Section 3304(a)(l8), FUTA (26
U.S.C. §3304(a)(18)), withhold taxes from the weekly benefit amount and from the

$600 FPUC, when an individual elects to have taxes withheld. as seen here:

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  1. Hey guys!! Please be sure to drop a COMMENT + LIKE + SUBSCRIBE before leaving – I really appreciate it as it helps boost my channel 🙂 Please note that I do not respond to calls, texts, emails, or social media requests from viewers and only answer questions in the comments here in the video.

  2. If you haven’t been dealing with Herickcard y’all are missing a lot he’s the greatest of all time rn💯.

  3. Hey guys I have a question I am on PUA and for some reason they started to say they overpaid me so I have filed several appeals due to the over payments and I am still awaiting while still actively receiving claims from PUA. If I file my taxes today would they take that tax return or not?

  4. I just fell for the "I checked the box so I'm good, the government will take out my taxes for me" trap. Now it was a big shock when I have to make a payment back to the feds. Guess I'll have to use the $1200.00 stimulus check to pay it back.

  5. What if they said they gave me a certain amount but I only got have of that. And they keep saying that they gave me an original amount, but I literally didn’t get what they said I did. I only was on unemployment for 5 months.

  6. Wish this video was around last March. I just filed my taxes today and it was not good.😩

  7. GIRL you're the only informative person on youtube. WHYYYY did California not give us the option to tax the extra money they gave us. They made it seem like it wasn't going to be taxed ! So irritating

  8. Looks like ill be owing Uncle Sam alooooot of money RRAL SOON….. 🙄😔😬😬

  9. we should be setting aside tax money? Pffffft… some of us needed every penny.

  10. Hi, I have a question and I was wondering if you could help me ? Under the Cares act we were allowed to withdraw funds from our 401k account without being penalized. Does it mean that I don’t have to pay taxes? I’m assuming that not being penalized means not paying taxes. But I’m not sure
    Thank you in advance

  11. What about college students, do they get discounts or pay less taxes

  12. Thank you for the information , been saving just have to plan for the extra percentage you mentioned 👍🏽

  13. Hey Ginny! Wanted to first say that you’ve helped me out so much in regards to unemployment! I think unemployment taxes are something that is definitely not being talked about enough (I have a video on my channel too talking about unemployment taxes but more of a nationwide focus) and now that 2020 is coming to a close and people are going to have to seriously start preparing for taxes (if they haven’t already) I was wondering if you were interested in possibly collaborating on a video where you spoke more on California unemployment taxes and I could speak more about nationwide unemployment taxes as in basically the tax implications in all the other states (I think it could be extremely helpful for the viewers of your channel especially the ones that might not be in California)

  14. I was laid off in nov 2019, collected unemployment since and never checked the box for tax withheld, do you know if I’d owe on my taxes? Does owning a property help also if I pay taxes on that?

  15. Hi I don't understand how much money would I put aside I'm only 18 and get unemployment but I don't know how much is 25 percent im confused please help me lol

  16. Arggggg..for real..being tax for that 600 per week,getting total,of 10k that will be 600 dollars ..urgggggg

  17. Only this past year I have been helping a family member as my self-employed very part time job. Literally pulling in maybe $4000-$5000 ANNUALLY. I still qualified for PUA and recieved the benefits. I'm a bit confused on the "tax-bracket" so my question is, does everyone get taxed from EDD benefits the same percentage, or is it based off income? Should I still be putting away and saving 15-25% of the total PUA benefit?

  18. First video of yours and i subscribed half way through. Well done Ginny

  19. I set aside myself 15% of everything I made on CA EDD, everything including the 600 a week. I didn’t check the withhold 10% option, HOWEVER as I just said, everything made off EDD I saved 15% and put that in a savings account. This way, I will have something set aside for tax time April 2021.

  20. I have successfully submitted my PUA claim on Aug. 06, 2020 and received the confirmation number, but since then I received nothing. Whenever I log in it takes me to new register page. Should I get worry or to wait for more time being the claim is under process? Pls advise

  21. Thank you for the great video!! I just subscribed 🙂 if I moved from CA to another state, will my tax bracket be the one I have in the other state? I received PUA from May through July, moved out of CA in June and started my new job in Aug.

  22. Hi.
    Thank for all your info.
    I have a question.
    I am independent contractor, and i am getting PUI. I got reduced working hours for covid 19. I am getting paid once a month. And, it is difficult to calculate my weekly working hour.
    I am wondering it is ok certifying income once a month when I get paid.

  23. I hope the extra weekly unemployment payment of $300 gets added to our accounts very soon. I don't know what seems to be the hold-up. People have bills to pay.

  24. Will we get the 1099G form true email or can we get it loging in on the EDD? or will they just mail it to our home address?

  25. Ginny good afternoon, I talked to a couple IRS agents in Fresno, Ca. They have said the PUA, PUEC $600 boost is not and will not be taxed.. I sent a comment about this a few weeks ago.. This is considered a stimulus boost and not subject to be taxed.. I got this information straight from the horses mouth.. Check for urself if u have doubts about it.. Now what is taxed is the $ from the regular UI benefit..

  26. Your videos are very helpful because I live in California. Can you please give us a California update on when are unemployment 300 extension backpay will be applied. Your appreciated and thank you

  27. Hey Ginny! I just finally got approved for my PUA claim from back on June lol. I filed my claim with the date being affected by covid since March 15th. Will my payment be back paid back to March 15? How do I calculate how much that should be?

  28. Will the $600 since March-Jul affect my grandparents’ Medicaid? They have not been called back to work since then and are still on UI. Thanks Ginny.

  29. What if I'm on Social Security and I make more than 18,000 in unemployment. How does that affect my Social Security?