California EDD What Happens To My Claim Balance When PUA and PEUC End in December? CA

What happens to my claim balance when PUA and PEUC end in December? The CARES Act expires pandemic unemployment assistance and the 13 week PEUC extension end at the end of December. Is there any way to get the rest of your claim balance when they end? What happens if you still have unemployment money in your claim when PUA and PEUC end?

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  1. @ginny i logged in and says i need to reopen claim? Im on pua. I thought it was done automatically.

  2. I was on regular unemployment job attached? But it figures, some how i was tossed in with the pandemic $3,815.00 gone from my site shit the whole site is gone? i feel violated! Never trust them again stimulus money, We're? no Christmas? I understand the multitudes they are dealing with, and i applaud them… But dam people You have to do this now! I would of liked to of had the truth? We don't have the money or you need to get your ass a job? But don't just erase it like THAT? Come on man!!

  3. Hi. Thank you for this. Couldn't find anything on EDD site at all. You said unused claim balance "dissolves". Did that money come from the federal extension or is it State UI money? And just where does it "dissolve" to? Back where it came from or, as is my guess, into the State's pocket? Thank you.

  4. I received a extension for 32 weeks under the PUA act early December and I have a balance of 4K in my EDD account , so I can’t get anything anymore ? My benefit year also says it ended 12/31/2020. Why would they mail me everything and tell me to mail them back a verification form and after doing so and unfreezing my account they suspend my account , I know on January 6 everyone will get info on verifying their account but what about or pending money ? Is that also gone ? I’m so stressed and heartbroken. I call so much and not even once I got sent to customer support.

  5. I reside in CA, taken off schedule at work due to Covid-19, was receiving traditional UI Benefits, was on an extension and now it states maximum benefits paid, can I apply for another extension or what are my options? What's the point of legislation passing the extra $300/week beginning Jan 1 for 11 weeks if nobody who needs it is going to receive it?

  6. OK if my claim expires do I need to file a new claim or will it automatically be files for me can you please answer that thank you

  7. Thanks for the only truly help I've been able to obtain. Is there any possibility of speaking w you in person or via email? Thanks

  8. Awesome content! My pua benefits expired on 12/31/2020. I logged in today on ui online,,but it says I need to file a new claim. Since there is a new extension, do I have to file a new claim or should I wait?

  9. So they are currently working on applying the extension already approved, i have $1300 left in my claim balance will that still be there when pua starts again? Or as you said its just gone since that claim period has ended already?

  10. If you could possibly give me some type of Direction it would be greatly appreciated UI integrity in Atlanta Georgia handles all fraud claims my question is how can I contact these people I've been trying over four months now and the unemployment office will not help they say it is my responsibility to contact UI integrity Atlanta Georgia after 4 months of phone calls emails facts even registered letters I have not got one single response please help I've requested help on every unemployment website where people seem to know what they're talkin about yet I have not got one response

  11. my year end says 12/31/2020 but i still have 4k left on my balance but it says this. You have received all benefits payable to you at this time. You cannot file another California Unemployment Insurance claim until your current benefit year ends. so what can i do with the 4k i have left over? please help i live in California also

  12. Hello Ginny,
    I looked at my in-box on the EDD website and it says my claim has ended, I have a balance of $7,000.00 plus. So do i need to re-apply? I also have submitted the request for back dating several weeks ago but have not heard or received anything? What should i do at this point? Wait for a notice on my request for back dating, or re-file a new claim? Or will this new package they passed keep my current account active? Very confusing. Thanks for your help.

  13. Ok so with benifits ending with a claim balance, should you file a new claim with same info used on original claim? Or does the edd do this automatically? What should be done here?

  14. Omg I thought 600 stimulus also includes the unemployment extension??so we have no date when they will extend unemployment?🙄

  15. What if Edd had a ID issue and disqualified you even though Edd verified receipt of documents
    Appealed 3rd week now. Haven’t heard back
    My inbox said claim expired. Do I file a new claim?

  16. Hi, can you please explain why edd all of a sudden say i need to upload my identity, when i have been receiving benefit for almost one year

  17. Q….. I have a bal left. I certify for two weeks. 12/19 & 12/26/2020. Dec 26 Sunday. I submitted at 4:00pm online.
    . I am on PUA with 167.00 per week. Everything went through until 9:00 pm. few hrs later. The computer system crashed or overload EDD. I couldn't get through until today. I haven't been paid. The payment history states received and pending there's no bal now. It indicated 00.00 for payment due to gives a rec valid no and states pending. Where did my money go??? Am I going to get paid on the 2 weeks… This is so crazy!!!! I'm soooooo Stressed 😥,

  18. Yes z I didn't have money withheld now im a bit worried I will be hit with fees or penalties !plz just trying to get ready for futuretax time

  19. Got real card from @Darkbolt1 on telegram and he helped me load more on it , it still working no security issues so far……that guy is good for the card job💯💯

  20. thank you for your energy and time to help us with these things. can you do a tutorial on how to deal with this 1099 G form that I received? how do we fill it out and is it complicated to fill out?

  21. So if it ends on December 26, do I still get paid my claim I requested that week for the two weeks behind

  22. Hi ginny, i spoke to EDD california they told me i wasnt able to certify for my backdated claim because i had no funds even though i still had sufficient funds

  23. Question! If our benefits end 12/31 for PUA would we be able to reapply and collect the 300$/week that was just passed?

  24. Hi this is Seth from Maryland my problem is mypu account has exhausted 3 weeks before the end the program expires I could not fall my my concern is if pua is extended will my beacon account become active again or will I have to file for a new account well my benefits kick back in or is it over

  25. My claim balance is about to run out but I'm half way through my benefit year what's going to happen?

  26. Hey Ginny question for you it keeps saying I’m disqualified for weeks already. I don’t get it I have money on my claim balance .? 😩

  27. On my pua claim online it shows balance and it also shows that a payment was issue , but I havent receive a card o anything , they also requested my w2 forms that I uploaded last week , any idea what's going on with my claim ?

  28. My claim from california peuc, and the extension ended, and i was denied fed-ed, and just recieved a letter that i was denied for pua. what do i do? Please help…

  29. I need the mail address of California EDD to sen my Appeal form please ?