Can I File For Unemployment In Pennsylvania? or in My State – PUA Questions Answered

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Can I File For Unemployment In Pennsylvania? or in My State
Can I apply for unemployment? Self-employed, Small Business, Independent Contractor, Free Lancers video here –

If you are employed in Pennsylvania and are unable to work because of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you may be eligible for Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Department of Labor & Industry will continue to provide important employment benefit updates as the situation evolves. Visit our COVID-19 site for information and FAQs updated regularly. Use our Keep Yourself Safe at Work During a COVID-19 Pandemic one-pager for safety information and resources.

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​Federal CARES Update – 4/5/20
The federal CARES Act will provide an additional $600 per week to individuals receiving unemployment benefits beginning March 29, 2020 through July 31, 2020. Beginning with week ending April 4, 2020, if you file for and are eligible for a UC payment you will receive an additional $600.

L&I will begin issuing the additional $600 per week once we have received guidance from the United States Department of Labor and have modified our system to implement that guidance. Once implemented, payments will be retroactive to week ending April 4, 2020. It is anticipated that this benefit will be paid on a bi-weekly basis, the week after you file for and receive your regular UC payment. This benefit is taxable and therefore will be subject to 10% Federal Withholding Tax, if you elected to have taxes withheld from your regular UC benefits. For information about changing your election visit our Taxes on Benefits page.

L&I will decide eligibility for the additional $600 based on eligibility for the underlying program eligibility; individuals do not have to separately apply for this benefit. In addition to regular UC, if you are or become eligible for one of the following, the additional $600 will be paid:

Shared-Work, or Short-Time Compensation (STC) Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA)
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)Additional information about PEUC and PUA will be provided when we receive complete guidance from United States Department of Labor.

Self-employed Individuals
The federal CARES Act will provide unemployment benefits to the self-employed, independent contractors, and gig workers. Please continue to check this page for filing instructions. At this time, you should NOT file a claim through the existing online system or phone number if you are not currently eligible for unemployment benefits.

You may be eligible if:

Your employer temporarily closes or goes out of business because of COVID-19
Your employer reduces your hours because of COVID-19
You have been told not to work because your employer feels you might get or spread COVID-19 You have been told to quarantine or self-isolate, or live/work in a county under government-recommended mitigation efforts

Online – it’s the fastest and easiest way to get started

If you are eligible for UC, you will receive two letters and a four-digit PIN
Your PIN will arrive in the U.S. mail – keep it in a safe, easy to remember place If approved, your first benefit payment should arrive within four weeks of filing for UC Continue filing your bi-weekly claim (every two weeks) – even while waiting for approval .
For specific questions about your claim, provide your full name (as it appears on your claim, including any suffix used) and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Note: Duplicative emails and/or requests may cause delays.
​The following rules have been temporarily suspended due to Governor Tom Wolf’s emergency declaration to make it easier to file for UC benefits:

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  1. I have a question that I really would like answered to avoid any fraudulent activity. Okay so Mid February I quit my job due to losing my home and worried about the fact that COVID 19 was just touching base and didn’t want to be homeless with such a disease going around. So I moved 2 hours away to stay with a relative. Since then I struggle to find work because of the area being in a very country area and no jobs around and not having transportation. I was referred by a friend that I should file for unemployment which I did but with no prior experience I didn’t know but now that I’ve had time to do some research on this I feel as though I should have applied to PUA instead in my own opinion but I’ve been accepted for UC and I’m not sure what I should be doing at this time. Should I keep filing for unemployment since everything I said up top is the same thing I put on my unemployment application or should I cancel it and reapply for PUA?

  2. More than likely yes you will get approved for your unemployment claim.