Can Lyft & Uber Drivers Get PUA Unemployment If You Were Working A W2 Job?

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It’s been a long road for Lyft & Uber drivers when it comes to the PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) and getting unemployment benefits. One of the most common questions that we’ve been getting asked is Can Lyft & Uber Drivers Get PUA Unemployment If You Were Working A W2 Job? In this video, Harry asks Logan Allec, a CPA and the creator of the Money Done Right blog this question. Logan gives an answer from the perspective of being a certified personal accountant. This is part of livestream that Harry and Logan did about the topic of unemployment and loans for rideshare drivers. You can see the full livestream here:

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  1. I didn't really get the strong answer I was looking for. Something like "You can definitely still collect from the EDD while driving Instacart". I still feel as unsure as before.

  2. He ducked that questions hes gonna get us in trouble. "Listen "
    I worked at Amazon a (w2)
    I made $900 ever 2 weeks
    That's 1800$ month
    Before I was fired and got unemployment which drop that down to roughly 700$ or 1400$ a month

    But I was actually making 5000$ using uber making 3200$ now I have to cut that JUST to get that sure 1400$ a week .
    Because that 3200$ extra cause wear and tear on vehicle and was a temp job . .

    So confusing . To many requirements on money . Especially money I help accumulate.

  3. I lost my main income (self employment) but kept my part time W2 side hussle.
    I dont get anything because I get automatic UI and since the $111 I make a week is more than the $55 UI payment I qualify for, I do not get a dime.
    My income from self-employment does not count when on regular UI, so my benefit is just based on that $111 a week I make.
    I cant survive on my own with three kids and no support on that. I am still working my part time w2, like ideally is what I should do, but I am being punished for having two jobs instead of just one w2 or one 1099.
    I'm not alone. People who get a gig here and there, or have royalties trickling in, or still have their w2 job get nothing. And nobody is talking about this! Why everyone thinks we get that $600 is beyond me.

  4. If someone is still driving for Uber they are probably making more than the UI, and since 1099 income doesn't count, so they do not get the 600

  5. hello biggest question I see online in forums and comments is about uber/lyft drivers putting their "net" income for their 1099 c forms instead of their net income as stated on their tax return schedule c net. a LOT of ppl wanna know and if you guys could dig this up and clarify that would promise lots of clicks on next vid. thanks

  6. I applied for the pua, but I worked for Cvs until last July. Due to that the Maryland Unemployment division put me on the regular unemployment insurance, while I know I am not eligible because I left Cvs on my own and since last July. But I haven’t received any payment. I am filing the weekly certification, but there is no payment available or scheduled, and I the office doesn’t respond to phone calls or emails. What should I do? I am not denied yet.

  7. what if your job was a w2 driving food delivery job Bitesquad and just switch to 1099 on may 3 2020 can i still get the PUA while im still working

  8. I got SCREWED here in Kentucky!! Took 2 months to get a final word but I was told since I make more per week then PUA was going to pay me then I would not get a dime.

  9. Not quite correct: PUA provides benefits to self employed and others not usually eligible for unemployment. The $600 boost to unemployment pay is called FPUC and is available to those under regular unemployment and PUA unemployment, and ends July 31. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – provides benefits for individuals who are not eligible for regular unemployment benefits who are unemployed due solely to COVID-19 (federally funded);

    Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – provides for an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits for individuals who have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits (federally funded);

    Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – provides for an additional $600 per week for individuals receiving regular unemployment benefits, PUA or PEUC through July 31, 2020 (federally funded).

  10. Guys, I have applied on 5/20 & approved in 24 hours. But my benefit year starts from 5/17/2020 – 5/21/2021. Can we re-do start date? I don’t know what went wrong..I was expecting money from mid March, almost 7 weeks(3/15 – 5/16) vanished and not certified on account. I’m an uber driver (California) and didn’t worked in between 03/15 – 05/03. What could I do now? Please help me, thanks!

  11. So this is how it goes because it happened to me: if you worked on W2 in the past 18 months, the regular unemployment kicks in, if you didn't then the PUA. Now, it is very important that you have the cummulative ammount required by your state. If you don't then you don't get anything.

  12. Will your UI(that you receive from your W2 job)reduce if you work for Uber now? Since they did not consider the Uber income when determining the UI benefits.

  13. I am currently working as nurse and part time Uber driver , applied for PUA and got accepted . I am still nervous to claims Pua since I am working as nurse but stop Uber when pandemic thing happen. Am still eligible to claim PUA ?

  14. Harry, PLEASE, only put knowledgeable people on when it comes to these important questions, Logan said the $600 is PUA, IT IS NOT. $600 is part of the CARES ACT which is also being given through the PUA. No need to make it MORE confusing than it already is.

  15. I was eligible for only $158 a week from Virginia. Is there a way to get my state unemployment weekly benefits increased? Please help.

  16. I got a bunch of money from PUA automatically that I did not certify for .. will I have to go back and certify for them at some point in time? I do not see an option to certify for anything other than the last 2 weeks on the ca edd site.

  17. GREAT QUESTIONS that NO ONE is responding to! 1. Faisal's Question is one that is coming up A LOT: the W2 is the side job, NOT Uber/Lyft. Not the other way around. I just spoke with someone at EDD and they told me that most likely, the claim will default to UI which might be MORE initial UI than if you applied through PUA which is PUA + UI. 2. I have potential similar issues trying to work while waiting for 3 mos for any kind of UI/PUA. Thank you Harry.

  18. I had W2 and 1099. I was denied UI, as I had two 1/4s with no w2 earnings. Was able to collect PUA at $572 a week and $600 stimulus for a grand total of $1172 weekly.

  19. I have experience with your question. Georgia based my UI on only my W2 earnings (lowest amount the state offers and less number of weeks) and I also get the additional $600. However, the materials that the state posts for PUA benefits state that all income should be included for PUA weekly benefit, which should qualify me for the most benefit offered, so I filed an appeal. I filed over a month ago, but have not heard anything from the state despite documents stating appeals will take 7 to 10 days. Like all states, Georgia's UI system is stretched to the max in processing its weekly claims with 250,000 last week. I believe that I am still in the query for the appeal, and have kept all documentation, but patience is hard. I am in a high risk group, so driving right now is not an option.

  20. Yea pua works like regular unemployment. If you make any money it will be reduced. So I didn’t get any pua money. If I made more than $13 they would start reducing my money. So my full time job wiped that out.

  21. Not in Louisiana. If you are still working a regular job and lost another if you had two jobs, you don’t qualify. Website is not set up for those that have two jobs.