Can the FED Prevent Crypto Crash? (Bullish Again!)

In this video we discuss breaking news this week about the expansion of repo operations that may give the FED the ability to prevent a cryptocurrency market crash. The question is can they do and will they do it if the need arises?

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======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – I Could Be Wrong…
00:56 – Federal Reserve Announcement
01:08 – Reverse Repo Market
02:15 – Reverse Repo Activity Over $1 Trillion
03:22 – Federal Reserve Made a Move
03:55 – What Expansion of Reverse Repo Operations COULD Mean
05:20 – Repo Versus Reverse Repo Agreements
06:00 – Why is the Fed Doing This?
06:50 – What Happened the Day Before?
08:25 – Can the FED Prevent a Global Market Crash?
09:40 – Which International Entities Could Affect US Markets?
10:25 – Could this Prevent a Crypto Collapse?
10:50 – Potential Scenarios
11:30 – Outro


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  1. Crypto Casey

    Totally hear and taking note from the feedback about sharing certain risks I'm personally not willing to right now in my unique life situation. Thanks for sharing how you may or may not have considered my personal decisions when assessing your own unique life situation. All in all, the global macro landscape is in flux and the regulatory landscape is in flux: both of which pose the greatest threat to the cryptocurrency markets right now. As always, be safe out there 🖖

  2. clecio vinicius

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  3. If you're worried Youtube may take you down I suggest you open a Rumble account and post your videos there.

  4. Looks like you swallowed the giant Digital Currency Group/Coinbase/USDC cartel pill (ultimately the CCP pill). Sorry, but time to dig deeper and go beyond your own personal biases that are passed on to your audience. As a crypto influencer it's your duty, to perform the due diligence here. Who stands to benefit most from Binance, Tether etc. being taken out or at least down a few large notches? Ask those questions. Not even saying that Binance or Tether are/were always angels with everything either, but crypto doesn't even have across the board or any real and proper regulations, now exchanges and crypto companies are scrambling to see and predict what these regulations might entail. Binance for one was (still is) one of the most decentralised/centralised exchanges. Unfortunately it can't be both. In the future there will only be either or, and I hope the decentralised exchanges can offer the same user experience that the 'Binances' of the world do currently offer. And Tether, well, they centrally aren't any worse and actually better than what backs Fiat. And Banks? They don't even have to have enough reserves to back up a single dollar any longer … perhaps think about those things.

  5. Appreciate your research and viewpoints

  6. Kevin Colgate

    I started using my coinbase debit card today!!! Paid for my lunch in crypto lol

  7. Diane P. Wright

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  8. Qrypto Quincy

    Casey looks older 🧙‍♀️. Still beautiful.

  9. Casey is simply awesome. Her way of presenting topics is like an experienced professor delivering a webinar or a well thought lecture, right to the point with precision. Nothing is wrong with her body language because using the hands direct the viewer towards important facts. Simply superb, you don't often find the brain, the pleasant manners and the beauty in one person. I am a fan of this channel.

  10. TomSaviniFan7

    It's discouraging that we have a President who day dreams about eating chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, wearing aviator sunglasses, and taking rides in Amtrak

  11. Kevin De La Rosa


  12. georgiiii1000

    So it's not a sign up bonus. It's a bonus if you stake 3100 of crypto tokens to buy their credit cards. Meh. Should mention this in referral link I wouldn't have wasted my time.

  13. LOL. Il wait for $30k now

  14. Rumina Romina

    'The metastasised cancer within the cryptocurrency market, known as Tether….' Priceless. ;D

  15. where's your alternative channel?

  16. Great video

  17. Andreas Holler

    The Fed will always first look for covering their interest first. Therefore it will let the crypto card house collapse, which they will look at without teary eyes. Why – crypto reprepresents a new financial system which they have no control over it. Its totally new technology and they really do not understand it. The old Fiat system is full of old brethren clubs who just have no idea what is actually happening. Most of these guys have PA who handle their daily business and they for sure do not even know where to switch on a computer.
    The Fiat system will not just roll over for crypto without a fight. The Corona virus is by no means over and will cause massive economic disruptions. This virus was not in any equation from the crypto or old Fiat world. It will take a long time to recover first from it and what is more important we do not know what the whole mutation business of the virus will disrupt.
    Further, the massive depth column combined with inflation can only be overcome with a total behavior change of societies around the globe. Unfortunately we are dealing with a very addicted consumer society which is so deeply entrenched and full of entitlement that we have a long way to go before this world economy can truly go on a path of healing and recovery.
    My guess is that we will fall deeper into the entrenched behavior valley of consumer addiction. We all know how one should deal with an addiction, however, we also all know that there is a difference between knowhow and really doing something about it. All this of course is fired on by the greed of the old Fiat system who sees only profit maximization and does not care of the long term consequences. This short term thinking is evident in the whole world economy which is lead by incredible short term leaders who have only one goal to survive their very short term electoral term – and for achieving that they'll sleep with any Fiat financial system.

  18. AntagonisticAltruist

    Good stuff, but am I the only distracted by those shakey video transition effects? Not even 3 minutes in and I'm look for comments on this lol

  19. Ravi Pradhan

    For a.deeper n more nuanced view..see Steven van metre

  20. Colton R. Dean

    Tether, and other sketchy stablecoins, have become too big to fail. 💁🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    Get some sleep, CC.

  21. Awesome

  22. Causing Waves

    Your beautiful Casey

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