Cardano (ADA) Adoption: AMAZON Crypto Payments & DeFi Growth (Cardano Daily #27)

Cardano (ADA) Adoption: AMAZON Crypto Payments & DeFi Growth (Cardano Daily #27)

In this video, we go over Cardano ADA & the recent news about amazon accepting Cryptocurrency moving forwards as the company adapts to the evolving nature of a better monetary system. I also go over some DeFi growth involving Cardano ADA.

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  4. *Dude been so impressed with how you've kept going and kept us going while the going has been extremely tough>*

  5. Demian Hesse

    Dude cardano and amazon have ZERO affiliation. Just saying jack…big stretch here.

  6. Huckleberry Finn

    What website do i go to so i can state in your pool?? Im new to cardano lol

  7. David Chaveriat

    The REVOLUTION continues marching forward daily regardless of price gyrations! Keep the faith, Cardano L๐Ÿ“vers!

  8. I don't love Amazon but I love how you referred to them as a "tyrant".

  9. Bekillingyou1

    Great for adaption but I will never trade an asset when I can use shitty cash

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