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Intro 00:00
Crypto market cap getting started 00:25
ADA vs. ETH and BTC 1:00
Cardano on weekly chart 2:00
What id ADA enters a bear market 3:00
Cardano daily bullish reversal soon? 5:20
Testing this bullish indicator in a bearish way 8:00
Be careful of this resistance 9:50
ADA price held support so far 10:20
What we want to see Cardano price do 11:40
Big short term resistance 12:20
Remember these ada dips happen a lot 12:40

Cardano price consolidating around the very important range of $1.50. We must watch carefully how ADA closes the weekly candle tomorrow. With a lot of resistance just above, do Cardano bulls have the momentum to break through? The momentum on the Cardano daily chart might just be lining up in a positive way. As always we wait for bullish confirmation and bearish confirmation in trying to identify bull market continuation or bear market beginning for this top crypto.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Andy Gistakis

    dats exactly wat we need

  2. what projects would u advise to participate in, some worthy ones

  3. Allen Analla

    I thought Cardano was getting new smart contracts in August. I honestly think Cardano is only going to get better as the year goes on.

  4. El Stinco Farce

    After a dismal few days, it's nice to see things trending back up. Hopefully the momentum lasts and everyone sees some amazing gains. Wishing you all the best of luck trading, and thank you Dan for always keeping a cool head on the good and the bad days. Cheers!

  5. $orn just came out with erc20-trading capability for the binance smart chain

  6. madmax estate

    Lmao all this clowns think they going to be rich by next year!? Lmao good luck clowns better luck getting a job and education that can advance you to bigger payouts in the future so go outside read a book play tag, play hide and go seek because those bills ain’t going to be hiding when ya loose all your money on this fake scams made by satoshi nakamoto can u even prove he is real or show a real photo of him fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. what site are you using for charts ?

  8. Matt Handbag

    Uh oh…its a dollar 15…not great. I'm guessing around 90c

  9. Michel James

    CORGIB coin is best

  10. Yes.. it continued..

  11. If BTC can not recover, nothing can survive!

  12. Keep adding 🙂

  13. Desislava Shankova

    I absolutely love your analysis!!! Keep up the good work!!

  14. Buy more!

  15. Midnitesilverrun

    Unfortunately it’s not looking like it will close above the 1.50 mark

  16. Midnitesilverrun

    Talk about crappy luck first week I decided to enter the crypto world and it starts crashing.

  17. Luda Corleone


  18. Ada down again. In this environment there is NO crypto extremely bullish Dan. No Mather what you worship and predict.

  19. Frank de Groot

    Men what a bullshit you are talking, watch the Bitcoin chart and you know what Cardano doing…. so please come out off your box

  20. Today also dips.

  21. Sticky Bandit

    Should it hit 0,05 im selling everything ive got to buy cardano

  22. This is the week of a 'Total, Super, Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse'. Today Saturn (Planet of harsh reality) starts to go Retrograde. Mercury (currently squaring Neptune) will turn Retrograde this week. This is the week that spells Major Downside and Major Confusion. Best to plan for the worst and protect your assets. The Sky 'does not' favor Hopeium this week.



  24. Balton Raven

    I can't WAIT for the day Bitcoin has no bearing over Cardano and other crypto assets.

  25. Bullish ???

  26. William Manna

    this is an attack by the Cabal,the Deep state,they are attacking crypto currency’s…….they do not want people coming into crypto,gold,silver,precious metals….they want to scare people away,they want you dependent on their fiat currency or whatever currency they want you in….THIS IS NOT NATURAL PRICE MOVEMENTS IN THIS MARKET…..if you can’t afford to be in the market get out,but you should hold & wait these swamp rats out!!!

  27. How it is possible the price drop so hard when over 70 percent is locked on staking?

  28. Can you make a video about smartlink?Look's like a solid project wich will be listed next month.

  29. Awesome vid

  30. Pratik Kotak

    I think after the launch of smart contract it will bounce back

  31. Michael Crabtree

    Stand firm, hold strong, everyone. 💎🙌✨🚀🌕

  32. expat13 thuis

    Dude you never wrong, we can go up or we can go down! LOL!!!

  33. Oniga Adrian

    Nope, it's going to close bellow 1$

  34. Ivica Buljan

    All Crypto it's just scumm, when pepole buy thay just lower price and steal money, if u sell with 200$ lose, this 200$ go in their pocket.

  35. Long term yeah bullish Ada no problem, short term, GG flat for sure.

  36. MATIC 3$ soon. 10$ July. 20$ September… without this project Ethereum could not function. They are hosting all Dapps wanting to integrate on Ethereum until a new solution.

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