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Cardano price once again takes off, and ada price sees 12% gains in the last 24 hours. But is there a throwback of consolidation in the works getting ready to happen in the immediate 24 hours ahead? We look at hints on the cardano charts which suggest that cardano bulls may be getting ready to take a rest before continuation to .50!

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Legal: *’The above video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.’


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  2. if u buy cardano, keep it for atleast 12 months, not financial advice….

  3. Cardano is the base, the foundation of all that will come to be known as base passive income in a society free of today's cancer such as blood sucking governmental structures, banks and all the other leeches who are sucking on our life without leaving us a choice but to submit to their rules of their game. NO more!!!! Cardano is invaluable because the dollar worth nothing its just digits in a monopoly game and that stands for all the fiat !! This current evaluation in dollars will eventually become not applicable. Holding ADA will make you very resistant to the unfortunate chain of events that has already began. The Cardano society is consisted of smart and honest people who are looking not only into the creation but the stimulus to change this financial system which has never actually been working properly, never benefited the masses but the few giving them control. It is all about control and with Cardano you and me all of us has control.
    My logic is pushing me into investing every bit of free fiat into Cardano and I ll be doing this even when Cardano passes 100 USD fake dollars..its never about the money its about control it matters not who has what but who controls it! remember this!!

  4. Pressure on Ethereum for 2.0 on POS… if they don't get it right and delay, I can see some jumping ship to a platform that has POS fully functional.

  5. Cardano has so many consecutive upcoming plans in their roadmap to achieve that those who sell early will be jumping out of the rocket mid-flight before it breaks beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Why sell your ADA when you can stake it to earn more ADA after mainnet launch? Miss this opportunity at your peril.

  6. Akropolis ($AKRO) is currently the most undervalued De-Fi gem being developed both on Ethereum and Polkadot. The team will release second product "Delphi" next month along with Sparta 2.0.

  7. New subscriber as of 26th july,2020 and coincidentally I get the same haircut as you,day before. Simple theory for bull markets,if we are in one Hold until the trend follows the bulls, but at the same time traders can sell and rebuy to add in their Suitcases more. Can miss the train by doing so and can gain a lot more. Depends on individual targets.Cheers enjoy the Spanish bull run😁😁
    If you like my comment leave your ada address ill donate some ada for sure to the channel.message for the content creator

  8. Great charting! It is pronounced Car-donn-o, not Car-dann-o. The 'a' is pronounced as 'ahhh' , like in Spanish. Just ask your SO : ) Appreciate the TechA

  9. Good video keep making videos on bullish alts. The most gains are going to be there. I hope were going to see a huge altcoin season. Bitcoin maximalist are going to be crying if they dont diversify.

  10. Thanks Dan. Do you still follow Digibite as well ? 😉 I still do, as from your latest remarks a few weeks ago. ❤️✨