Cardano Goguen, BTC Price, Elrond Staking, Gray Corazon & more /// Crypto Over Coffee ep.59

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down the latest news about Cardano Goguen launch timeline in the form of the Alonzo hard fork, the latest Bitcoin price analysis and BTC price news, Elrond staking launching on the Maiar mobile app, discussion about crypto’s climate impact and more!

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0:00 Welcome!
1:03 Question 1 – When will gas fees get better?
2:57 Question 2 – Will interoperable projects beat isolated ones?
5:03 Question 3 – What are the most promising NFT types?
7:13 Question 4 – BTC DCA or lump sum buys?


8:17 Giveaway! Cobo Tablet Plus random draw

9:10 Bitcoin price analysis – THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TESLA NEWS

11:30 Cardano Goguen release date confirmed (queue the hate)

14:20 Elrond eGLD staking is LIVE on Maiar

15:48 “404 Logic Not Found” The crypto climate impact clown show

21:16 Ethworks’ useDapp framework is a game changer

22:46 Gray Corazon hardware wallet mini-review

24:17 ⏭ Learn how to do your crypto taxes EASILY!

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