Cardano isn't "dead" & why I'm more bullish than ever before.

Cardano isn’t “dead” & why I’m more bullish than ever before.

in this video I go over why I’m still more bullish than ever on Cardano (ADA)…
(duh, why wouldn’t i be?)

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  1. Jack Ingram Crypto

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  2. dont buy ada shit coin💩💩🤣🤣🤣

  3. Peeping Turtle

    I reckon everyone shud be bullish since this shit coin just erased half its value in two months…. Should probably bounce back a bit.

  4. Max Anderson

    Programming with Haskell


  6. I want more ada fud. Please keep this under 2 bucks for another six months, so I can stack ada to the sky.

  7. Awesome man:):)

  8. Why is ADA keeps crashing everyday?

  9. Neil Robertson

    I'd probably still support the SEC looking into checking whether Cardano is a security next year after XRP.

  10. That thumbnail lmao

  11. (No trash talk, just facts) You don’t know why people hate on Cardano? Here’s why.
    First of all, I’m also semi bullish on ADA from the Technical Analysis perspective, but the reason why ADA is hated is because it decided to go to sleep in the middle of a bull market cycle, while others are moving to all time highs.

    As an investor, we can see this in one of two ways, this is either a great buying market for ADA, and we’ll regret not buying now. Or this could be just signs that ADA is falling behind and will be pushed out of the top 10 cryptos.

    Whether we like it or not, crypto is the new gold rush, and slow and steady only means being left behind. I like ADA and Algorand in terms of utility and price, but their marketing is just terrible. Great product with poor marketing = crazy people nobody listens to.

    Charles Hoskinson needs to not be the voice of ADA and Cardano needs to deliver something to keep people interested.

    Long term, there’s no doubt ADA will rise, but for now, it’s all fluff. I will continue profiting from my other coins and buy ADA as it’s price keeps dropping.

  12. Eddie the302

    Move 80% my ada to mana..

  13. Michael Valencino

    Jack can ya tell us anything about what is going on over at etoro with ADA. There saying they are gonna stop letting people buy ADA there (well USA only) and shortly will stop letting you sell it there. I don't know what to do. All of my ADA is there and it sits on the platform. I also read that each position has to be so much or you can't sell it anyways. There is a minimum i didn't know of I guess. So do ai sell take my cash lose the positions that I have at a $1 or less and have to buy current price? Can I move the open trades over to a different company without closen them out? Or put them in a wallet and send em all over to your staken pool? Lost here Jack. Help plz anyone. Thanks

  14. A lot of people want to make quick money and those people are usually really dumb also what happens is these dumb people have a platform to express their stupidity it is what it is

  15. Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Payton Brooks.

  16. Zoky Djordjevic

    I am in cardano and adax 🙂 Dex on Cardano

  17. Richard Patrick

    Another solid video. Thanks for the quality content.

  18. More bullish than ever on Ada long term!

  19. Viktor Nitriansky

    Everytime I buy ADA it dips. Its been like that for 4 months rn, how can you not understand someone bashing on it?

  20. Arthur Ponzarelli

    So you've never been more bullish on losing all of your money on this garbage coin? Interesting indeed 🤔🤔🤔

  21. willem hollgleider

    zombie mode will come to life

  22. Doesn’t see SOL lasting LMAO. Unsubbed after that.

  23. Michael Madison

    Buying on the dip sitting back looking on my retirement

  24. You can talk all you want about ada but no matter what is developing or what partnerships are signed the price only goes one way and that is down

  25. How would you know ?

    Why do you say Solana wouldn’t stay for like 10 years ? Can you back it up with some material examples ?

    I’m trying to understand why Cardano needs to be taken seriously when there is value locked in Cardano ?

  26. They bash on Cardano because its the actual threat to ETH.

  27. Andrew Drummond

    You tell em jack

  28. HOSKY accounting for like 99% of ADA transactions lmao

  29. ADA GO TO 0,50$, LOL…….

  30. Great info jack 🌙🔥 hope more project are gonna launch #cardano 🔥🔥

  31. Am all in with CNFTs, so the price doesn't phase me at all. Just gaming NFT floors, set to explode in 2022.. 😉

  32. Thanks Jack!

  33. Dany Cervantes

    Front runners. 🏃 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

  34. PoopsWithCat

    Agreed. I think Cardano gets attacked so much because deep inside everyone knows it will be the winner in the end inevitably :/

  35. Michael Meeks

    Keep Buying – Keep Staking – Cardano is still on baby steps!

  36. Bekillingyou1

    They don't hate it it's just a threat. Kinda like how the banks feel about BTC. Most people talking shit are ETH maxis

  37. Ada will be just fine. It hasn’t go up due to this shaky market. It will go up up real soon. Buy the dip guys.

  38. I'm bullshitish on $HOSKY

  39. so hosky is for real selling for real ada on an exchange?

  40. Sergei Topology PHD

    Yes it’s Clearly DEAD 💀 ☠️ lost project will be ‘out of top 10 by Q2

  41. Gravity-Zero

    Sold some ada for avax, best moved I made in the past few months. Still believe in ada though…holding 26k coins.

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