Intro 00:00
ADA short story 00:20
Cardano hit targets 1:15
ADA macro chart 2:15
.50 ADA?! 3:20
What next 3:45
Still room for upside? 4:25
Why do I talk about dips so much? 5:00
.11 – .13? 5:40

ADA price launches into bull market as cardano hits bullish targets from a video form the other day. What is next for cardano price?

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Please understand that cryptocurrency trading and investing is risky. I am not offering advice on how you should trade or invest in cryptocurrency. This channel is reserved for me to track my own journey and document my opinions along the way.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Crypto Capital Venture

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    Intro 00:00
    ADA short story 00:20
    Cardano hit targets 1:15
    ADA macro chart 2:15
    .50 ADA?! 3:20
    What next 3:45
    Still room for upside? 4:25
    Why do I talk about dips so much? 5:00
    .11 – .13? 5:40

  2. really? ok well, congratz cardano holders, $0.13 Dec 08

  3. Cardano + $3 in 2021

  4. PayPal, Bitcoin Eth and Litecoin event on its way, Thanksgiving 🍰🍹rally may now be in play.

    PayPal owned Venmo joins 2021. Łitecoin most inexpensive coin on both platforms. 400+ million customers in total ..👀

    Who’s next. Apple 🍏? Amazon?

  5. ethnicAlbert

    Good sir, you dont understand how to use an rsi

  6. Masaki Takehara

    Which chart tool do you use for the analysis?

  7. I think Cardano is a speculation play until this goes live and reveals the power of this rocket ship. I find it extremely positive that this coin is moving with the market upward run…. I saw Charles on a recent video say February is sink or swim month. It is time to unleash this beast and show Ethereum who the BOSS is. I believe in Chuck and his knowledge of Ethereum's flaws. He know them better than anyone. He better know how to exploit them. It all comes down to fees kids, Dapp's want and need cheap fees to thrive. Cardano has to do that or else.

  8. Great.

  9. Randy Stockdale

    Hey Crypto, time for another update, you said you doubted Cardano would hit ……17 cents well it went to .1830. Not bad so what's your thoughts now. Still overbought?

  10. my programming teachers sold all btc last week and keep buying cardano and real gold.

  11. realcolormusic

    The RSI on the weekly base does look OK for me. (Compared to TESLA 😀 ).

  12. Erich Bakkeren

    nice story T, up to the ath

  13. ADA holders are not in it only for the $$$. ADA holders believe in the project. Cardano has a future, a big one. Don't sell your ADA. Stake it and hold. Long term hodl. Think about all the people who sold all their BTC at $100, or $1000, or $10,000. You dont want to be that person. World population is growing exponentially, especially in regions where Cardano is focusing, like Africa. Believe in the vision. $5,000, or $10,000, $20,000 is not going to change your life….$200,000 will though. Don't sell out for short security, sell once you can pay off your house, sell once you can but several pieces of real estate, sell once you can start your dream business, sell once your kids college tuition is paid for, etc.

  14. jhye kennedy


  15. Set order 0.13 and 0.12 thanks

  16. You have a very aggressive scammer pretending to be you in your comment section.

  17. Danton Brito

    Ripple (XRP) fires and returns to be the third largest cryptocurrency, reaching $ 0.60 for the first time since 2018.

    XRP is now on track to hit a record high of $ 3.84.


    Realistic Target in Bullrun 5-8$

  19. Ltc to moon soon fools

  20. Ahmed Nazari

    Its okay to be careful and ask questions, but you need to understand that there are so many assets to trade round the clock in an effort to secure profits. So what this Crypto Mileage CoinApp does is to monitor and analyze up to 1400 crypto currency asset from over 100 plus crypto currency exchange (where the buy and sell occurs) in an effort to complete profitable transactions.

  21. Solid ta man!! Guys im always unsure on when to take some profits and when to hold on for s while? What do others do?

  22. Rantaa Koivu

    XLM LTC 🥰🥰🥰

  23. I’m not taking any profits prior to reaching $1

  24. CARDANO 1 DOLLAR 가쥬아!!!!

  25. Aivis Belinskis

    The highest high was above .18 already

  26. Marco Spain Stake Pool

    next target …0.50$ ? !!!

  27. ADA 가즈아!!!

  28. prodby Darkside

    XVG Verge is up 31.9% last 24h…
    I TOLD YA!!!!! hahahahhaha

  29. cardano ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🔥

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