Cathie Wood Can't Stop Buying This Stock | Important Updates, Cardiology Partnership, ARK Invest

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Video Description: In this video I discuss Butterfly IQ Ultrasound (BFLY) technology and go over their recent earnings call and much more. I discuss their partnership with American College of Cardiology and how they plan to integrate their technology in the telemedicine space. I also discuss their increased popularity within the medical community from a first hand experience. I also talk about their integration within veternarian medicine.

At the request of subscribers to this channel, I created a Patreon. For updates on the stocks I plan to DD before I post videos, please join me. A portion of my Patreon proceeds will also diabetes and cancer research.


***Disclaimer: This is not medical or financial advice. At the time of this video I do not own shares in BFLY. I have no professional affiliation with any of the companies or stocks discussed on this channel. The thoughts described in the video are my own and do not reflect the institution that I work under. This is not solicitation to invest in this company and I am not a financial advisor. This video is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes. Past performance should not be used as a gauge for future success. Doctor Dean has no obligation to update, change or correct any information provided a stock prices and news fluctuate on a daily basis. Seek a financial advisor to determine the appropriate investing strategies for your given circumstances. Some of the links above are affiliates of our channel and I may earn commission if you subscribe or purchase a service. Affiliate commissions help support our ongoing growth and video production.***


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    The end is near 🔔 🔔

  2. Interesting stock, never heard of it until now.
    QQ: Will you be doing an update on CRISPR? They will present new clinical data soon!

  3. Mohamed Belasy

    The question is did you tell your followers that you have sold and the reasons you did ?????

  4. I think in the future as this company gets more popular I'm sure a decent percentage of their revenue will be from parents wanting to see their first born everyday with this affordable device

  5. In my opinion before buying because Ark holds something you should look at how big of a position it actually is to them to show their conviction (which for this it is very small %). Not saying that you are buying it because of this but I know some people do.


    Very interesting company, thank you Doctor!

  7. Mike Valentine

    Thx DD great info as usual.
    This machine will be like the Saphyre. I feel like it's a matter of time before adoption. 😎✌👍👍

  8. Cathy wood kept buying a particular stock doesn’t mean the stock price will go up, pls don’t mislead your audience. Tbh I’m highly doubting the Youtubers like u were paid to promo these stocks.

  9. Luis Jimenez

    I'll have to buy more

  10. no color or doppler imaging?… this company is not going to make it without those imaging modes.

  11. imhiLARRYous

    Man the shorts really went after this one..

  12. David Andronico

    Great stuff Dr. Dean.

  13. I don't like Cathie at all! But I do like this stock, long term at least! A portable ultrasound is super cool.

  14. Thanks for the update on this! I've got a small position that I've been adding to when it dips below $10, still not too crazy. 🙂

  15. thomas blaszczyk

    Cool stuff, you think Physio’s could use it as well to identify tears and such?

  16. I'm no longer waiting for the stimulus check because I earn $24,230 every 14-16 days recently got myself a new ride

  17. The price is right how much more money can the shorts stand to make from still shorting this. Either way this is much closer to a fair market value.

  18. Hey doc can you talk about Cel-Sci, CVM$. They have a cancer drug and will be releasing there 10 year study “soon.”

    Thanks doc as always u do great dd

  19. Think Investing

    Anyone who lives on less then they make needs to learn how to invest for their future.

  20. RamaKrishna Kunta

    Great buy at 10 dollars.

  21. Great video Dr Dean ! Thank you for sticking with your stocks and keeping us in the loops !

  22. steven生活点点滴滴


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