Cathie Wood: Secret Ethereum Purchase – Big News!

Cathie Wood has been buying Ethereum! However, this isn’t something that’s been mentioned in her media interviews and it’s not for the Ark Invest ETFs. 

It’s no secret Cathie Wood is a big fan of Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. She’s regularly in the media speaking on Bitcoin, Tesla and what is happening with her ETFs. However, did you know that in Q1 this year, Ark Invest made a secret investment into Ethereum?

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In this video we will be looking at:
✓ Ark Invest Ethereum purchase 
✓ Why they bought ETH?
✓ The Flippening 

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  3. Like all the YouTube Channel , they Share with the you Informationen after they are already in week they will come back to the moon coin .

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    说得好 国际大鸟!

  5. Eth is the most incredible coin right now and the future of internet and crypto.

  6. The crypto infection here continues. I've reported dozens of scam comments today….they keep coming. Worse than that Nathan they are cloning you. Welcome to the horrible world of crypto.

  7. She took Elon's advice for an opinion? The energy wasted by the US Gov is 10000000 x worse and even more terrorizing than BTC could ever be in 5 quadrillion years ..They supported BLM and Antifa terrorizing US citizens in 2020 and it is still happening and the damage is way beyond BTC Miner Energy cost..


  9. Technical note on your edit: it sounds like your podcast mic has a ground loop in it causing an annoying hum around 8k-ish hertz If you have an EQ, it'd be good to use it to make a better listening experience. Great content.

  10. I converted most of my Roth into it at $15. I knew they would warm up to it! 😁

  11. I think Cathie is very smart but you think she would be smart enough to stop saying “A” “A” every time she pauses!!!!

  12. Cathy went to desperate mode and bought into crypto to pump up her portfolios negative performance

  13. I’ve got a decent bag of Ethereum but I think Cardano has a better chance than ETH to flip bitcoin. I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon if ever.

  14. Comments totally infected with crypto scammers again. I keep reporting it for you. Unfortunately if you mention crypto in the title this will happen. Personally I hate crypto currencies and don't see them as an investment.

  15. ETH is flipping BTC on several metrics
    ETH makes money on transaction fees and more ESG friendly

  16. When Ethereum switches from POW to POS after 2.0, we will see an institutional rush on Eth.
    Big companies are increasingly mandating the use of green technologies. The switch to POS is the permission slip to get involved.