Certifying for unemployment benefits. California. Self-employment PUA using UI Online EDD.

This video will show how to certify for unemployment benefits in California due to Covid-19.

How to apply online for PUA using UI Online https://youtu.be/kG6Z46xoTE0

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How to receive unemployment PUA while going back to work https://youtu.be/aiVsNaeJZZ4

VK Consulting LLC website http://vkconsultingllc.com


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  16. 1:46 Where it says "You indicated in question 6 that you did not work or…" Is P.U.A. considered supplemental unemployment benefits on that question? If so I messed up big time

  17. On mine for question #3 only says “Did you look for work?”
    Not of I contact my last employer.
    Is everyone’s question different too?

  18. I did this and its been like 3-5 days.. says certification received but I haven’t seen a change in my balance

  19. Hello, HELP!! I just made one mistake in one of the week certified. Question 6 and I should have clicked "NO". Of course calling right now can't get through. Is this will disqualified me or what I will happen? Thank you.

  20. I certified on Sunday but I mistakenly put yes I was sick to to work but I was still open to work and it’s still on pending