CHAINLINK Next Target for SEC after XRP or FUD? What this means for LINK | Crypto News

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  1. Sheldon Evans

    🚨 Let's get this video to 1287 likes! 
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    Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always be have a checkmark next to my name!!

  2. Do you buy most of your currencies on something like uniswap or pancake swap or do you actually go through a exchange and then sent to your ledger when done?

  3. cough cough XRP UPDATE NEEDED LOL?

  4. Robert Lisac

    Thank you

  5. Deneth Merchan

    Thanks for you work Sheldon.

  6. William Batman

    SYNC insane potentials!!

  7. Do you think Chainlink will be beaten by Umbrella Network ($UMB), as UMB is fully decentralised, layer 2 interoperabel between ETH, ADA & DOT ? I think UMB will destroy LINK and overshadow it in like 2 years.

  8. Memory Giant

    Great video, nice and clear. Thank you!

  9. Link is by far one of the best projects available. Expect it to go high. Stack up slowly

  10. Dark Destroyer

    of the chains that have features needed for security tokens such as anti-money laundering checks and white-listing investors, Algrorand “is truly faster, cheaper.”

  11. Dark Destroyer

    Algorand <3

  12. coconut JUICE

    chainlink supply 350 million is too high compare to kava only 45 million supply at $3 aud, kava should be exploded in 2021 and pass $100/share, ….good investor should look at the share price and supply, smaller supply will get bigger share…..

  13. FromSheepToShepherdDog

    They only want to crash the course and then buy it up😂

  14. secondary emailadress


  15. Holo hot is it a good coin

  16. Robert O'Connor

    What do you think? Will Eth 2 fall under SEC scrutiny?

  17. I have Loopring, AGLO and ADA. I am thinking about investing in Chainlink now. What do you think of those 3 investments other than chainlink?

  18. always point north

    I have 20 bucks in xrp if I lose it I dont care. But if it pumps ilp make decent money

  19. Zeus Capital has a shoddy splash page of a website, a chinese flag at the top, and only derogatory headline info on it. Major red flags right there. Ive never seen a legit asset mgmt group act like a bunch of biased investigative reporters either. If they had legit info they wouldnt advertise it all over their face page like that…buncha scammers, I wouldn't pay one bit of attention to those clowns. China should stick to spreading viruses which is all they're good at…

  20. Would you advise selling my chain link and then waiting for the dump and then buying back

  21. Trâdérs Röom Śôuth Àfrica

    Bitcoin is rising Everyday and investors are making good profits but it’s never late to invest in crypto market.

  22. Manu Logeman

    great content! thanks Sheldon!


  24. Only lisk 100 $ moon soon !!!!!!!! SDK

  25. Great video. Thoughts on Dash, monero, z cash ?

  26. greeting from PR! love the channel!

  27. Vanessa Johnson

    Hahaha It work for me!!! I was broke some hours ago until I saw cryptonaid. com website online here and I gave it a try and I just received $25000 it total from them now

  28. Just bought chainljnk 1000 in 10 years

  29. Buying Link in this silly fud is the best thing you could ever do..🚀🚀🚀

  30. Great video Sheldon! As someone new into crypto, your channel has provided a wealth of information and I'm learning a lot. Keep up the content. – Jesse

  31. tristan sesko

    Hey man,
    I'd just like to know what do u think. Will xrp rise back to atleast 0,40-0,50 after all the currencys start the so called bull run?

  32. you are manipulating, using your influence to manipulate LINK crypto,,

  33. Clayton Yates

    I have 20% in link, based off projections it seems to be a great investment? I almost sold after this article but I've been investing for 8 years now and have learned to be patient and move with clear direction. Never fear, never emotion. Thanks for your content!

  34. "Zeus Capital"
    As a Linkie that sold at 60c, never let those damn bags down!

  35. Swathi Melinati

    Dear brother you are talking at a speed of hundred words per minute
    From India can’t follow your content
    Please slow down a little bit so that people from non English background could understand the matter clearly

  36. Zeus Crapital = FUD. It’s not even fresh FUD.

  37. rccpromotions

    Great research!

  38. Magic Internet Money

    All this targeted FUD makes me want to dump more money into LINK because it makes me feel like there's some hidden potential about this token that makes crooks like Zeus want to keep it down

  39. Every time I hear Zeus capital FUD on Chainlink. I buy more Chainlink.

  40. Janis Steibergs

    Sec is comming, 100% sure

  41. Cap'n Jay Greybeard

    Totally forget about that Zeus, thanks for the reminder.

  42. Thrifty Steve

    thanks for sharing this research!

  43. I like this guy 💯🙌🏾

  44. which authority can go after Zeus Capital for spreading FUD news or fake news?

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