Changes to Channel and Life – Fatbike Vlog

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  1. Hey – I watched a video from 8 years ago.
    Not sure if you still drink, but if you liked James Ready 6.0, you should try a german import, Holsten Maibock 7.0

  2. We’re in over a year of these lockdowns and people still can’t see the tyranny

  3. Yeah, wouldn't bother with trading in the truck, if all the newest truck features you want is a reversing camera, china has them for much better value than ford does, cos china isn't trying to sell you a whole truck with a new camera… 😛

  4. The changes to the adrev back in 2018 wth the 1k subs, 4k hours viewed was pretty much what put paid to my rotten shed channel, at the time I started making some good money with it, aaaaaannnnd, then they said "yeah, no, we don't want to help small channels, kthxbye!", and I just lost the interest, been thinking of kind of vlogging the process of learning to weld and building a reverse-trike go-kart, but, without the income, it's like working for free while they make bank off my back, so, nah…

  5. Pretty crazy they've put you guys under a more harsh lockdown, given over here in blighty we're being "eased out" of lockdown (but I foresee a no. 4 cos people are dumb), cos the gov think we're all better and everything's great, but then, they thought the same last year and look how well that went… :

  6. Hey Adam I see your merch store is still opened. If I purchase a hoodie do you get $$$? I’ve purchased a lot of your “vlogginlife” shirts including your famous cat shirt mafia. Dude I get a lot of questions where I got it! Yeah this whole situation is frustrating. Hang in there man, take it one day at a time!

  7. That really sucks because you really enjoy cameras and filming. Hope you still find away to enjoy your hobby. I also like the live streams.

  8. Wow. 12000 miles. I do that a year. Your right truck is still new. They always try and call to see if you want to sell and it is always a scam to get you to give it away. Honestly, send it to a detailing place and have it professionally cleaned and paintless dent repair and it will feel like you got a new truck again. Truck should last forever if you keep the undercarriage from rusting away.

  9. That sucks about the situation there! We are just coming out of lockdown here in Scotland thankfully, but it has been a long road.

  10. You’re still the G.O.A.T. OG vlogger man. The same thing happened to another channel I watch and they have 500K+ subs

  11. youtube sucks frig sakes my surly fatbike is heavy to even hard to ride with the big tires i thinking buying a another regular mountain bike to ride in the summer and ride the fat bike in the fall and winter

  12. Sad news about the channel! 

    Luckily in the UK we seem to be going in the opposite direction, we're still on the road out of lockdown and so far nothing seems to suggest we'll go back. Although international travel is still not really allowed we've still got people coming in from high risk areas but it doesn't seem to be affecting things that much because of the vaccine rollout. It's just a shame the rest of the world isn't the same. I was hoping to come to Canada this year for a couple of weeks but it doesn't look like it'll happen for a while yet!

  13. Great video sorry to hear about you tube giving you the shaft, I would definitely keep the 2017 f150 the 10 speed transmission is very annoying in my 2019 f150 and I can’t imagine there made any better now on the 2021

  14. I can remember over a year ago having those types of lockdowns, people couldn't go anywhere for several months, nothing was open. I think all of this shit is nothing but fear mongering, they keep talking about different strains but I still have yet to see people drop dead in the streets and the same people working in the stores are still there, healthy as can be. According to the news outlets the flu disappeared during the last year and they can't figure out why, but if you catch an illness similar to the flu you have covid.

  15. Youtube cocked the programme, that sucks that they can do that on a whim with no reason.. even if its a small amount its still nice to get a few bucks towards new things for the channel

  16. Sounds like your having the same restrictions we had here, we had that bullshit for months with no camping! 😰