Channel Update: 500 Subscribers, Gaming Blog Launch, and Giveaway! – new Gaming Blog launched, please check it out!

Also, I found out you have to be a “YouTube partner” in order to get links to appear in a video (other than channel/YouTube video links), so that’s why my blog wasn’t linked when I mentioned it in the video.

Insert Coin documentary giveaway:
Interesting fact: a number of scenes/interviews for this documentary were filmed at Galloping Ghost Arcade, and I was in the building many times the film crews were there.

Even if you aren’t interested in the Insert Coin bluray giveaway, I always appreciate your comments and feedback on what you’d like to see from me. I can’t guarantee I will cover whatever it is you ask, but at least I know there’s someone interested if I’m hesitant on a particular game or topic.

Thank you everyone for all you support!

– Pete


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  1. Lemmy Barnett

    Congratulations Pete!

  2. Jacob Spring

    Hey Pete, congrats on reaching the milesone.

    My favorite video featuring the GGA Gamer of the Year 2015, is the Alien Syndrome video you did in collaboration with the STGWeekly crew for their Awesome Game Replays line of shows.

    I would like to see a tour of your game collection/gaming setup.

    Looking forward to checking out the Blog.

    PS: I would like to exclude myself for the giweaway

  3. An early congrats on the upcoming 500 subs! And good luck with the new blog too. All of your 1cc vids are great but if I had to pick I'd go with the recent Tekken 3 Heihachi time attack. High level play that's a little different from a normal 1cc + commentary.

    For suggestions, I'd go with some more commentaries, either live, post or even just on screen text. Info, tips, strategies, your history with the game, how difficult you found it, stuff like that.

  4. Mr. Unkillable

    Oh yeah! Named domain and everything!

    My favorite so far (so hard to pick just one) probably has to be the Super Contra commentary track, because it's what helped me pull that feat off eventually. As far as suggesting upcoming Feats, I gotta go with perhaps deconstructing Revenge of Death Adder in the future.

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