Child Tax Credit Update with American Rescue Act 2021

The Child Tax Credit has a few major changes with an update in the American Rescue Act 2021. The amount that you may qualify for depends on your income, filing status and your child’s age.

The Advanced Child Tax Credit starts in July of 2021 and ends December 2021. The amount depends also on your income, filing status, children’s ages and your total number of children you will claim on your taxes.

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  1. Cathy Campbell

    The working poor with grown kids or no kids ALSO need a supplement
    However should include work requirement

  2. Deanne Smock

    What about people disability that live with you?

  3. Inspired Dreamer

    Can we choose to get the money all at once instead of monthly payments?

  4. Sarah Jordan

    Will these monthly payments have direct impact on fafsa application in Oct? Meaning…more money in our bank account at time of filing fafsa will lower my over 18 year old college student, 19 by fafsa filing opening, ability to have federal and state aid for college? I do understand we aren't eligible for any credits for him, but we have 9 other biological children who are eligible for full credit due to our single income level, so it will seem that we have a lot of "cash" at time of fafsa, especially since we have not spent stimulus monies. Would it be better to opt out and receive lump sum all in 2022 for 2021 credit? Or is dumping the July, Aug, Sept, Oct monthly payments directly into the 529 plans we have for our teens a better option? Or are there better ideas and options available? Thanks.

  5. Heather Neeley

    I'm on disability and have a 10 year old. Does he qualify for the payments even if I don't file taxes?

  6. Heather Neeley

    I'm on disability and have a 10 year old. Does he qualify for the payments even if I don't file taxes?

  7. How much are we getting per child under 18?

  8. New subscribers so u can’t get everything all at once with the child tax credit instead of every month

  9. Shadreka Colvard

    i want to know when we will receive the unemployment tax break

  10. catherine muniz

    Hi! My son turns 18 on July 18, will he get a payment in July? Or will he get the one time $500 payment? Thank you

  11. Liezel's Creations

    My son will turn 17 this year. Will he still receive that tax credit money?

  12. Amanda Salcido

    So if my grandson turned 18 in april 2021 does he qualify

  13. Prison 2 Pastor

    I’ve had my son permanently for a few months now… how do I add him to receive this credit

  14. Mr Travis, pls can u help with the link to some federal government loan portals and grants too?

  15. Susie Sandifer

    Do the child still get it when they was 17 when biden pass the bill know they turned 18 before July 15 issued date

  16. Harper Grace

    Will you let us know when the portal opens up

  17. temeka haynes

    Do we have to file taxes again or use any portals I have already filed taxes nothing has happened have not received stimulus either

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