China ranks 'good' and 'bad' citizens with 'social credit' system

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In China, where millions of people have their faces scanned on a daily basis, authorities are developing a so-called “social credit” system. Citizens’ behavior is monitored and scrutinised – they are given scores and ranked according to rules set by the government. “Model” citizens enjoy perks such as reduced bus fares, but those with low scores lose certain rights and are blacklisted. Our colleagues from France 2 report, with FRANCE 24’s Emerald Maxwell.

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  1. my point in china is zero😂
    i did not want travel in china and north korea

  2. Now, picture that in the US. Don’t laugh, look where we are now. Democrats would love this bulls*** lol.

  3. China's publics are brainwashed or like she said doesn't have a choice (even though they do, if they had the will to)! Shao Wing Won is the perfect 1984 slave, better the slave the better you're treaties and worser you will be treated! Digital and Economic tyranny!

  4. China needs to be nuked by all the rest of the world and Biden needs to come out of office and trump back in the chair

  5. Facebook and tinder are working with different companies to do this. I’ve been banned from dating apps I’ve never downloaded before

  6. No one should be surprised at any of this and when digital currency comes here every transaction you make will be government data and accounts here can be frozen if any
    observed transactions are suspect!


  7. That dictator grading system is Dum China…. Thank God we don't have that in the United States..

  8. The system in China that grades you… It's a stupid system.. what a crock of bullshit… It forces people to be the person there not… Some form of dictatorship from the government of China..

  9. The Orwellian social credit system scary enough, but the terrifying part is how the journalist was blacklisted for investigating political corruption, showing that corrupt politicians can abuse the system to punish their opponents.

  10. Does anyone know if the guy who was on the black list, has some twitter account or facebook? I want to know more about his work!

  11. Say yes to the vaccine passport or e-government with digital ID and central bank digital currency and this is what you're inviting in. Don't say you weren't warned.

  12. Coming your way soon, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccination for school, work, started sometime ago, keep believing the lies about a made up pandemic, etc.

  13. "China is beautiful and free!"
    I hate hearing this. They are literally forced to do whatever the government wants and they are made to feel like this is a good thing. This is dangerous power grab that will result in expansion to other lands and war

  14. soka gakkai international is one of Japanese buddism.
    but it is very near relation of Chinese government.
    Japanese are hating chinese holocaust.
    but soka gakkai is hiding chinese holocaust.
    and interrupting blame chinese government.
    Japanese koumei political party is soka gakkai.
    it is one of party in power in japan.

  15. Cant be a citizen and a slave at the same time

  16. What's even more sad is that the people are so brainwashed,they don't even question it..

  17. 大无语视频,this video mixed the real daily things with 1984 type English description, to be honest this is too stupid for Chinese who literally live in China to view, can’t believe that so many people even believe this😓 And it’s so sad that the people in the video are so cooperative but finally their kindness and truth have been twisted into THIS. How many similar lies are here on earth? Why YouTube constantly let me see these, so disgusting

  18. Imagine if you will…
    This comes to Britain, but, your score also determines where you live and what jobs you can get, ultimately, resulting in people being moved to reflect their scores…

  19. This is why a young girl in China can walk at 2am outside in cities without the slightest fear of being robbed or attacked. To me, this is FREEDOM!

  20. Wow, we definitely need that in Merica… There are way to may A holes running around!

  21. We need this system here in Merica, there are too many hoodlums attacking innocent people here.

  22. Next war will be with chinese that want rule world…. don buy chinese products as much as you can… be aware before too late

  23. This is the true definition of social engineering. Having China do this at least gives the rest of the world a test subject as to whether it works or not. The worrying thing is not that they're doing it but if it proves to be beneficial.

  24. Alipay credit score= social credit system? now we know the western media how to twist the concept

  25. don't think this is China only, covid is setting the system up in the rest of the world nicely at the moment.

  26. I know why foreigners have a lot of prejudice against China.This news is ridiculous.The video is Alipay's APP credit score. People with high credit scores don't need a deposit for some business services.For example, book a hotel. Fake news in Europe and the United States looks like North Korea,