CloudMD Q1 2021 Earnings – Livestream

What’s up everybody, today we are talking all things CloudMD.

For more information on CloudMD watch my other video

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  1. And if we've learned anything it is to NEVER underestimate the leafs ability to blow a game or for that matter series lead. After the last decade of similar play it's hard to even be surprised anymore. Also hard to say if the leafs came out sleeping or if montreal finally woke up!

  2. Hey Sean. Had a video idea for you. Have you ever considered doing one on how to read financial statements? There are lots of videos on how to analyze/compare financial statements, but very few if any on just what the numbers represent. Most people don't even realize that you can't directly compare the stock price of two different companies with different amounts of shares issued! If you did decide to do that and wanted any feedback feel free to hit me up on discord DougInGreen#6962. I think an explanation of how the income statement is created using the accrual basis of accounting would be of a lot of value to people! Possibly a lot of value to your channel as well 🙂 Cheers.

  3. Klenovica Klen

    Ravenue and expenses will go up in Q2. I expect SP under $1.7
    Q3 will be with big, lower expenses hugh revenue. After that acquisitions and dilution will hit again.

  4. Sudeep Saraon

    Hey Sean. I believe in this company long term but if they do a reverse split to uplist to the Nasdaq, that will be a big time slap in the face of the current investor who has funded the rapid growth of this company. I managed to look the other way when the CEO dumped so much of his shares, only to buy back at a lower price. If a reverse split happens, then it will be clear to me that this company does not care about the current investor. Here's hoping a reverse split never happens. I only bring this up because companies like peak biotech, Bragg gaming and just recently skylight health did reverse splits. Doc should allow its share price to grow naturally. Otherwise I guess I will have to join the bandwagon of haters. For now, I will remain hopeful that such a tactic as a reverse split does not occur with Doc.

  5. Victor Andrade

    Great job, Doc will do extremely well in the long run.

  6. You just lost me cheering on the montreal canadians

  7. In it for the long haul…great vid!

  8. Solid growth solid company

  9. Stocks With Sean

    First time doing this guys! Thanks for bearing with me and I will make it look better next time!

    GO HABS GO!!!

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