CNBC 'Chartmaster' Says SELL Bitcoin Under $20,000

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  1. Helk yea we profit off these kids

  2. the chart master obviously has never heard of integrals

  3. That’s why he is a master and we are just stupid HODLers

  4. Mahesh Bhenchod

    Polkadot technology. Look it up, fellow investors. Companies using parachain is the next boom.

  5. The guy was not wrong with his analysis, except that BTC is not a stock, it's a unicorn.

  6. Stuffy white guy tries to treat btc like a typical financial product and fails.

  7. Corrie Davidson

    So he can clean up the coins.

  8. CNBC Chartapprentice
    Says SELL Bitcoin Under $20,000 is more suited

  9. Bitcoin is now on 14,280 above the 20,000 he wanted you to sell. Maybe he wanted to pickup some cheap coins for himself.

  10. I used to watch cnbc for stock market news and recommendation of stocks then I realized that they were wrong about 60%+ of the time.

  11. Martin Eddie

    Don't ever make the mistake of believing that market success comes fast. Trade small, stay in the game, persist and eventually you'll reach a satisfying Level of proficiency.

  12. The guy doesn't know about Bitcoins 4 year price cycles. Its sort of impossible to make sense of a bitcoin price graph without knowing that.

  13. Maybe that chat master is out of his fuckn mind. he also has this comflict of interest.

  14. Larry Wiggs II

    Great video.

  15. If you dony wanna miss a single pennie,hold it till reach 1.000.000

  16. masood sahraian

    Don't forget the idiots on CNBC have also been telling people to get out of TSLA for the last many years.

  17. He might as well have been reading tea leaves.

  18. HODL is the way. Tax implications people. Long term holdings get taxed less.

  19. lumierephoto

    He is right though about assets reaching all time highs. The difference in Bitcoin Is that it is still very undervalued.

  20. Richard Bachman

    TV commentators have a history of being wrong ALL the time.

  21. Crypto Legend

    This guy doesn't realize how many institutions just invested in BTC. Game changing on the stability and volatility of all digital currencies. Poor people probably FOMO their life savings cause this advice. When all else fails with bitcoin, Walk away and HODL. These news guys don't understand the value of BTC beyond its graph.

  22. Crypto Legend

    lol whenever they say something bad on the news about Bitcoin I immediately buy more.

  23. The Adventures of Brenn and Bonna

    I say buy Bitcoin if it drops below $20,000!


    cnbc is fake news

  25. They want you to sell your BTC so they can snap it up cheap leaving you with empty pockets

  26. should've called himself "REKTMaster"

  27. Buy sia coin buy digibyte

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