CNBC Interview with the Rockefeller fund about their Crypto Investments


– Market update with Ari Paul
– Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild Invest in Crypto!
– Where do Coinbase employees go when they leave?
– Indian Crypto ban is illegal!


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  1. Crazy, 2 of these stories sound like what is happening today!! Learn crypto history so you can stay ahead of the future.

  2. Romain Grenville

    I don’t play with rocks

  3. daydreams4rock

    Richard Heart is a proven fool who never gets a prediction right

  4. Whole this show is scripted o.O

  5. "The billionaires under 50" get it! Yes ! yes! yes! When people told me that Warren Buffet said BTC is a "bubble" I thought ( and I dont mean to be rude) but emmediatly I thought he was too old to understand. A bit out of touch. Not to say that Mr. Buffet and Charlie Unger can get IN touch.

  6. MichaelGCypher

    Hate how scripted this is…. Please find a balance between scripted and live.

  7. MichaelGCypher

    anyone got this greenline on a chart ? I dont get same line no matter what resistance i draw…

  8. Hello , great video . I'm liking the style of your video like a real news channel . Anyway you can give me your opinion on invacio please

  9. Milind Bansia

    It's the Reserve Bank of India. Cheers on the show nonetheless. I'm a follwer

  10. this is a great show! keep up the good stuff. cant wait for more episodes!

  11. Dr. Aditya Nain

    Calling the RBI 'Royal' bank of India is a major mess up. Didn't expect such a massive goof up on your show. It's the Reserve Bank of India

  12. NCASH? Seriously?

  13. Loved the video mate! Covered so many aspects.. the one guy talking about altcoins measuring the markets, very true. As brought up every coin is stacked in btc value so USD value doesnt matter, so the ultimate goal is to get more BTC. Altcoins are the way to go, the lower valued ones with strong teams behind them. Cardano was brought up in the video, among with a few others. Anonymity was supposed to be the goal of cryptocurrency from the start, and privacy coins are going to be the real altcoins to keep your eye on. NAVCoin, XSpec, DeepOnion all have great dev teams. DeepOnion in particular is 100% untraceable and anonymous, topping the privacy coins in protecting your anonymity. All are protected with TOR or some sort of obscurity method DeepOnion not only has the latest TOR modules but many extra layers of security to keep your transactions private. The heart of what crypto should be…. I hope the Rockefeller fund investment team and other big investors begin to realize this too! Im sure the big players want to keep their finances private just like everybody else!


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