CNET Tech Review: HP TouchPad aims for iPad

This week on the CNET Tech Review: Verizon’s iPhone launch gets a chilly reception; HP debuts TouchPad tablet running WebOS; and Sprint’s Kyocera Echo doubles down on touch screens.

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  1. …software/apps, B.) NO APP STORE, and C.) NO SOFTWARE UPDATES! And gods help you should it ever crash and lose your data…lol, those devices now are only good for hackers who wanna try to figure out how to replace the WebOS w/Android! Lol

  2. Yeah, throw it away and buy an iPad! Lol! HP finally dropped ALL support for WebOS after these things were out for only a MONTH, so they then liquidated their ENTIRE INVENTORY of TouchPads for only $99ea, when they normally retailed @ $699! If you'd caught it on the right day, you could've actually left Best Buy w/a $100 tablet.

    But I wouldn't've even bought it for THAT! I mean, since HP dropped ALL SUPPORT for its Web OS products and switched to Android, that means A.) no 1st or 3rd-party sof

  3. Ray Casey Chicago

    OMG… Less than a year and they are out… THat's just crazy…. What the hay?

  4. @MrMillvico ur point ?

  5. spread the word hp touchpad is now 99$………..piece of crap

  6. Brian Newberry

    My personal experience was Palm Pixi SUCKED. Palm Treo 700 was extremely good.

    HP Veer – advance to (or click) 05:26 – or for the
    Palm Pre3 = 08:47 –
    Motorola Atrix & Dumb Dock = 14:58 –
    Dell's All-In-One Printer = 19:43 –
    HP Touchpad = 22:32

  7. scratch that itch…..attractivee

  8. That guy has a Kallusive tshirt on! He must follow the dance scene!

  9. thedarkness97

    23.02 for the Touchpad (without the build up guff)

  10. eatfastnoodle

    App, app, app and app. Unless you find something for users to do on your tablet, you're not gonna go very far. Apple's ecosystem is already huge, it'd be difficult to surpass it, android might be the only possibility, and that's only because android came out earlier than anybody beside apple. Wait longer and stumble more, you'd gonna end up being linux on desktop: no amount of viruses on windows or geeky enthusiasm or open source cachet would be enough to lift it off.

  11. @leotheloser LOL it can do more than just play games you can watch movies surf the web do school work and much much more and of coarse it has a touch screen 😉

  12. @leotheloser It's a tablet

  13. Hi Hi HA HO! HP forthcoming products might be real competitors to the Ipad but Jon Rubinstein doesn't have Steve Job's charisma!!!

  14. the only real competitor to the ipad 2 is the galaxy tab 10.1 the specs look amazing on that thing

  15. @Scarywesley4 I agree with everything except the 'Playbook,' which is the biggest rip-off of WebOS out there. I can't remember the last time I saw one company completely rip off another companies idea and implementation in recent memory. It's laughable.

  16. Lagggggggggggggggggggggggg

  17. A size of a credit card from the front.

  18. Morning Saint

    I remember the Nintendo Wii drew some serious friggin lines.

  19. hey i see noah from phonedog in the back!!!!!!!!!!

  20. its for kids

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