– Trading on Coinigy (Tutorial)

Learn how to trade Bitcoin and altcoins on with this quick tutorial. provides a superior order entry platform that allows users to trade directly on the chart, and place advanced orders on almost any exchange.

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  1. Ashish Ranjan

    Couldn't resist my self to share which has more than 8 exchanges integrated along with several advance order type like Stop Loss, Take profit, Trailing sell buy, OSO and many more. These all are free.
    I'm happy customer.

  2. TrailingCrypto

    Use this tool – more advanced order types and completely Free.

  3. Shanti Songwriter

    This is very cool! I love how many things Coinigy is capable of! Thank you!!!

  4. Ssassani Cyrus ́beh

    Für Deutsche Kollegen ich kenn mich gut aus melde dich bei mir ich helfe dir dabei hier melde dich an

  5. In Coinigy stop limit is not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on POLONIEX

    This is the official response of the company
    Thanks for contacting Coinigy.

    It seems as though there is a glitch in the system; we appreciate you reporting this issue
    Please rest assured that we have passed this on to our development team for investigation.
    In the meantime, If there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Kindest regards,

  6. He is really bad. He talks as if everyone is an expert. This video was useless

  7. Peter La Fontaine

    How do you sell at Market??

  8. Demetri Parker

    its not an educational video. its only for promotion!

  9. Jhonnny Blonco

    Anyone know the abbreviation for bitcoin GBP??

  10. Silentjay360

    Shouldn’t have cancelled that XRP sell 🤣

  11. Adeel Hussain

    Hi william can you help me with this. If I have account on only one exchange like coinbase or coinsquare and that exchange supports only couple of coins then can I trade all other missing coins through coinigy ?

  12. Diego French

    In French because I don't see SL and Take Profit where is it ?

  13. fistmaster696

    Hi, is there a possibility to place a stop limit order when the price goes over a specific limit?
    like a stop take profit order?

  14. Luke Infinger

    I see how to set a stop limit but how do you set a profit limit sell?

  15. i dont get it… how do i fund my coinigy account? do i have to fund my money first in an exchange then connect the API keys? please help im a new sub, thanks..

  16. I just signed up to coinigy and I love the app/website. A great addition to make coinigy even better would be the possibility to add funds directly to coinigy and then be able to use those funds to trade with on any exchange/market. I'm not sure how possible this is technically speaking but if you can find a way to make this work that would be an insane feature. I don't think anyone would use another place to trade then.

  17. Sounds like you're in a hurry..more specifics needed on buy stop limits. Does order go above price or below…how much time is given…etc.

  18. Muhammad Ashraf

    hi, do not clear video photo please ne upload thanks

  19. covingon5000

    Can someone help me with this error I am getting

    Order ErrorThere was an error placing your order to Buy 0.99759456 NAV on Poloniex @ 0.00004923 BTC

    Poloniex API call was rejected and failed. Please try again. Status code: 422

  20. garni garnovicha

    why using coinigy exchange website ?

    this website is fine for trading ?

    i want for free exchange website and you which advice me ?

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