College Towns are not immune from an Economic Collapse

I traveled to Arizona. Today I am in the Tempe Arizona area. Even college towns are not immune to the economic devastation that is affecting other cities. I show you some of the sites as we tour the city. Here is Business News you can use. #Economy #Arizona #Stimulus #IAllegedly

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  1. Plus, fossil fuel is a fraud, it never existed.

  2. The blindness of people around me is literally KILLING ME!!!😭😭😭

  3. Phoenix Arizona get busy after sunset

  4. This isn't a college town, or a "boom town," it's a GHOST TOWN.

  5. Thank God I made the right decisions for trusting Darklurd on telegram

  6. Christine Nelson

    I find it interesting that all the people that are "bitching" as you are suggesting seem to be just miserable humans. I agree with you! Quit complaining and start inventing stuff!

  7. Jazmynn Havasu

    We were just in Bend, Oregon, and saw a lot of places out of business including Olive Garden and JCPenney.

  8. Dan, thank you for the common sense that shines through on your videos!



  10. ASU is on summer break, of course the streets are not as busy! Stop trying to spread FEAR!

  11. College is a scam. Only doctors and engineers need college. But really not for doctors. Old mountain doctors were/ are the best.

  12. Society is just Bread and Circuses.

    Around 100 AD, the Roman poet Juvenal said of the masses,
    "They shed their sense of responsibility long ago, when they lost their votes, and the bribes; The people that once bestowed military commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now concerns itself no more, and longs eagerly for just two things: Bread and Circuses!" ~ Juvenal, "Satire X" (circa. 100 AD)

    Bread = Government welfare
    Circuses = Distractions

    Distractions like the one you said which was the CNBC story about electric vehicles making too much noise.

  13. Thomas Hellberg

    The kids are living off fumes…

  14. William Hanner

    FSU: String traffic
    UF: Buzzing for over 8 weeks
    UCF: Market on Fire
    USF: Strong traffic
    FAU: Boca Booming
    FIU: HUGE growth
    UM: Top 5 Market in the US
    Thank you Governor DiSantis

  15. A lot of the closures are the fault of local Government. I drive a truck over the road. I worked all through the shut down. Even now if you're going to Cali you better stop and eat in Texas. Forget about Arizona and New Mexico.They expect you to walk through a drive through and eat on the side of the road like a dog. There are casino's that only admit local residents. Guess they'll let us disease carriers deliver their goods. Just don't go inside. I don't blame the local business as much as the local government. When they get on their feet and can reopen go to a business friendly Sate. Don't count on my business any time soon I've got a big expense account and a long memory.

  16. Susan Turner

    College profs have all the time in the world to cook up reasons to waste money and fry peoples minds then sell the coloring books needed to fix it all. so simple!!!

  17. Dan

    Hello again

    You need to watch
    The modern investor here on youtube
    Please tell j babe this.

  18. rockfordfos1

    You should look at Austin, Texas On 6th Street. boarded up closed and dead..

  19. Stimulus check = 1400 that’s 120 a month for 12 months extra money BUT BIDEN’s printing has increased your monthly living expenses by 300 … but Biden Voters are easily manipulated with a check

  20. You are a WHITE MALE .. if you were black you’d be given the grant IMMEDIATELY

  21. But meanwhile TEACHERS are to be given loans similar to VA LOANS…. Since we know the ALWAYS PAID teachers sacrificed sooooo much during COVID .. smh

  22. Land Cruiser Midwest

    When are the Corporate Layoffs starting ? Coming soon near you …Outdoor dining packed here in Illinois …

  23. Operation Truth

    Dan your angle is Cryo Currency? You seem to push that on every video

  24. Operation Truth

    Where are the people?

  25. America is due for it's Arab Spring. I've always known that when inflation kicks up, it will be the college students who live in dorms without any kitchens that will go hungry and violent first in society. I would move far away from any college because you don't want to be around when people start showing their frustration with a broken system. All they see is the billionaires getting richer while they get poorer, either they're in school to get a dumb Mickey Mouse degree or just undeclared they don't understand how the system is rigged against them because the rich have assets and they shell out more dollars to buy a cooked meal. People have to seriously check to see if they are mentally retarded to be going to college when there's inflation and stagflation. I have seen girls turn to prostitution in college on Sugar Daddy websites and get their books and tuition paid off. It's really sad because they come from a poor family and they're embarrassed to ask the parents for more money and so they do this. When the majority of the student body on campus is females and they graduate with little or no debt and the men are struggling with stupid gig jobs you know something is up.

  26. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  27. Its A Nuclear END Any Time

  28. Chris Hamberg

    There is no way a solar house could charge an EV.

  29. The government will own everything… and you can rent it from them in the future (assuming your social credit score is good).

  30. Chris Hamberg

    "we're entering boom town"


  31. Chris Hamberg

    The end of the moratoriums, and forbearance will contribute greatly to devastating deflation.

  32. Virginia Ganskie

    That is horrible. It looks like a lovely city

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