COMING THIS WEEK!! Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021 & Daily News

This is your Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021 and Daily News Update. The Third Stimulus Check has officially been PASSED and the Fourth Stimulus Check Update Package has already been announced too as well as upcoming $10,000 or more of Student Loan Forgiveness 2021 and Student Debt Forgiveness, $200 per month Social Security Benefits increase, $25,000 home buyer credit, mortgage and rent assistance, utility and property tax assistance, $10,200 unemployment tax refund and more coming. President Biden also passed multiple executive orders already and said there is more to come. There are also states and cities are passing stimulus checks and rent assistance like the California stimulus check update called the Golden State Stimulus Program where California just announced $600 to $1100 stimulus checks to over 25 million people and other states are announcing new stimulus checks and programs like this in the near future. So make sure to watch to the end of this video and subscribe for more upcoming videos as there are more areas passing stimulus each day. In addition to that there are proposals for social security stimulus check and for a 2021 increase social security benefits, ssi, ssdi, and railroad benefits by $200 EXTRA per month or $2400 per year social security changes and also an unemployment update of benefits of $1200 per month ($300 per week). Also tune in for more information about the third stimulus check update and what the new administration plans to do with the new $2000 stimulus check update and info on your tax refund 2021!

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✅ There are several different checks being sent out now, watch this video to find out who is getting checks now –

🔥Want to help pass the 4th Stimulus Check? Watch this video to learn about a petition you can sign –

💥 Multiple Stimulus Checks Coming Soon??? –

⚡️ NEW Proposed Social Security Raises –

🔥 More info about the $3000 / $3600 Child Tax Credits paid as monthly stimulus checks that are starting in July! –

✅ This video shows how you can get a $6,600+ tax refund through the adult earned income tax credit –

💥 Most recent video on a new $25,000 home buyer grant –

⚡️Watch this video to learn the History of Stimulus Checks and How the government works (You’ll learn a lot!) –

✅ Want to learn how to start a business selling products on Amazon FBA? Watch these videos in order to the end and the next video will auto play teaching you how –

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New Stimulus Payout Update:
Congress has just passed the third stimulus check update package with $1400 checks and $300 per week or $1200 per month unemployment boost. In this new stimulus check update video we go over how the new second stimulus package has just passed and how to claim it. We will also talk about the third stimulus check update in 2021 and Fourth Stimulus Check Update Package / the Infrastructure Package is on the way!

Thanks for watching my youtube channel: the its Jimmy Show, or it’s Jimmy, aka it is Jimmy, from Jimmy Michalek and the stimulus check update Jimmy 🙂


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  1. joanne martinez

    I just thought I'd let you and everyone else know that I filed for the compensation for the funeral expenses and I have received my money from fema .

  2. shane Underwood

    I don't trust him jimmy

  3. Maryland Hatchett

    Good morning Jimmy

  4. Man Jimmy this heat is like an incubator out here it will get bad again

  5. Milagros Santiago

    Can you stop spreading misinformation. Please do your research. It is not considered a vaccine because it is on trial. It’s an injection. Figure out why people are rejecting the vaccine it’s not because they want to die obviously. There has been too many cases of death and sickness due to this vax. CDC just announced that the death rate for Covid or mostly people that died from other causes. Not Covid. It’s insane how people choose to ignore this. Please do your research. As a matter fact you don’t even need to do research it’s all there on social media on the news for you to see. It’s becoming so evident now. I have nothing against vaccines I am for it.

  6. Patricia Askew

    Hey Jimmy how are you and your beautiful family doing and I just hope that they will pass the 4th stiulms checks bill 🤦🏾‍♀️ to help us American people yes our encomic is still not where it still needs to be

  7. Mary Pisciotto

    God bless us all. God first and all will follow.

  8. They made covid-19 to control ppl

  9. Nancy anthony

    The government is slower than molasses in the winter getting stimulus checks passed

  10. I hope they do the one. For a year after pandemic ends. It will be hard to get over these hard times

  11. States or Rep. Leader states are saying they won't stand by the original law and cutting unemploym3nt continuation

  12. Rep. Won't vote on anything that will help us people they care more about their agenda McConnel has already said he will stand in the way every chance he gets

  13. Tom Hendrickson

    Fauci has been recently totally discredited on COVID and on so-called vaccine. Don't believe a thing he says.

  14. On wondering about the stimulus checks if I'm going to be getting one to my savings account

  15. Gatha Mcgaha

    I would like to have some more stimulus money

  16. Tina Vocassio


  17. James Norris

    Okay this will be a another comment once again it's always been in God's hands for he is my hope I put my trust in God hands for me to receive my so call fourth Simmons check soon by the grace of God okay to you Jimmy and your wife okay

  18. When are we getting a check people don't have kids single no kids the 4 check.for everybody

  19. Ronnie Blocker

    Hopefully, Joe Manchin don't get in the way of the 4th stimulus check, because he scares me every time he speaks, I think we needs his vote to get the 4th stimulus check

  20. Latrice Holder

    God bless us all thank you jimmy

  21. Richard Branch

    6% inflation raise of SS coming next year in January 2022?

  22. Carlos Rodriguez

    I agree stimulus check 2000 every month 😷😷

  23. It's Pronounced it's Lethal

  24. It's Pronounced it's Lethal

  25. Rachel I thought you were Smarter than that

  26. the lone wolf

    Any 4th stimulus?

  27. Jimmy Howell

    When will the 4th check come im on ssdi and i payed in for years

  28. debra tepper


  29. Michelle Brown

    I haven't received the 3rd stimulus ck

  30. Joseph Strichko

    We all know, China will not pay anything…if anyone thinks they will, they need to wake up. China failed to mention when it started, what makes anyone think they will after all that!!!


  32. Sara Housley

    All there doing is trying to make drug dealers rich I don't believe the shots really works I know someone who took the shot and still got the Corona virus

  33. Charlene Sorrells

    WHY IN God's name

  34. Jacquette Steward

    Are we going to get a fourth stimlus check

  35. Thank you for keeping me updated and I will keep on praying to God for help .

  36. REPUbs which seem to be need to get on board for helping us people apparently many didn't get reelected last time… and WE AMERICANS fought against them… so now what if they don't get on board and help pass things for us.. do they even think they have a chance to win their next election.. "Think NOT"

  37. Been saying that a check is coming this week for at least 4 weeks now just saying

  38. domanece Cawthorne

    Hello Jimmy I hope you and your beautiful wife are enjoying this beautiful day I am sick today I have a bad cold

  39. Jodi Hrehniy

    Awesome… Still waiting

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