CONFIRMED! 4th Stimulus Check Update | Child Tax Credit | More For Seniors | Texas Done – May 17

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It’s CONFIRMED! Welcome to your 4th stimulus check update, new stimulus package & infrastructure update, and daily news report for Monday May 17th…

Payments In July!

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Coming This Week:

1 More Payment!

Details Of $3,600 Child Tax Credits:​​​​​​​​…

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My name is Adam Snyder and here on YouTube we cover business as well as finance and stimulus. I do my best to provide you with all the newest stimulus updates and stimulus package news. If you want to stay updated on all things stimulus, then you need to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE right now!

Many people ask me about when a fourth stimulus check will be approved, how much will I get in a 4th stimulus check, will I qualify for the additional unemployment stimulus, will the 4th stimulus check include me if I am on social security, are there any rental assistance programs for me where I live, and so much more. I love getting your questions and I love answering them as well in order to help you out as much as possible. When you provide a question in the comment section about new stimulus package negotiations or stimulus check 4, then it provides me with content that I can create the following day. So thank you for all that you do as well.

If you didn’t come here and enjoy these fourth stimulus check update videos and stimulus package updates then I would not do them as much as I do. I want to help out my community as much as possible and if I need to do hours and hours of research to make this happen, then that is exactly what I will do.

Whether there is a $1,400 stimulus check coming or a possible $2,000 stimulus check, I will keep you updated on everything that you need to know. I want to make sure you know what is going on with new stimulus proposals as well as President Biden’s stimulus demands and more. If you have a question about the next round of stimulus, then ask here.

Whether there is a new 4th stimulus package being negotiated or not doesn’t matter. I will bring you more updates on the Cares Act, Heroes Act, Heals Act, or any new stimulus proposals that Congress wants to put in front of us. I am here to help you understand what is happening between Congress and how these stimulus bills may affect you. Stimulus payments or not, I am still going to keep you updated on all stimulus news…

Thank you for joining me on these stimulus bill updates and fourth stimulus check videos. If there is ever anything that I can help you with regarding stimulus or how to increase your wealth, then feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

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  1. Biden had said nothing about more stimulus checks. Biden had said nothing about more money going for social security and ssi payments. If there was another stimulus check. It been all over news and social media and DC. You cannot believe everything you hear and see on social media.

  2. What are the Senate really doing,they know the american people are in need,and also the people on social security

  3. As a mask wearer, I got colds or something 3 times this year and normally don't. So that was annoying. Wish I wasnt sick from wearing them. My assumption is masks falling make me touch my face more.

  4. Talking about the seniors that have adult kids is there a way to file through no filter and how where to go..

  5. Adam could you explain about where the seniors can do to get that1,500 or 1800…

  6. I will continue until the beginning of next year or later. I am wearing mine indoors and outdoors. You are not allowed in my home without a mask.

  7. I respect the infornation you're giving, but the way you word your titles is very click-baity and I think you need to tone it down for the sake of your integrity.

  8. I just seen one of your ads about Biden says families come first he's wrong it should start with people on SSI that are down below the poverty level and then work your way up and cut them off at people that make more than 20,000 or 30,000 between Thirty and forty thousand dollars a year everybody else know they're working

  9. Take over GAVIN NEWSOM !! California Golden state stimulus package. SSDI AND OTHERS WERE KICKED UNDER THE BUS!!!

  10. I can’t understand for the life of why all these governors in such a hurry to cancel the extra unemployment so fast not everyone is sitting at home not wanting to work

  11. we aint getting no checks this is bullshit and tactics to enslave everyone get us all happy and then smack us back down into the bullshit. Give me a break there aint no improving or thriving economy. I don't even think that the country all functioning yet. You all that voted for biden you better vote for trump when he runs because if we don't then we are all screwed What I don't is why biden would endorse a 235 billion dollar check to pakistan what trump has stopped now especially since American people are in such dire needs for stimuli's money-Very very evil I hope biden has a heart attack or stroke and cracks-Its coming for you biden your dreams of fear are now turning into night mares and day mares