Counting Sense Bookkeepers recommends Xero accounting software

Barbara Ford from Counting Sense Bookkeeping explains why Xero accounting software is the best fit for the Melbourne bookkeeping practice.

“The main thing I love about Xero is no more double-up data files. We also find there’s much less data entry, so from a bookkeeping point of view that’s great.

“We also have maintained the ability to stay one-on-one with our clients, so they feel personally looked after.

“If I had my choice again, I would have moved a lot sooner to Xero. It’s the easiest for the clients to understand; it’s the easiest for the bookkeepers to work with.”

Since moving to Xero accounting software, Barbara has never looked back.

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    Hear from Xero customers

    Counting Sense Bookkeepers talks about no more doubled-up data files! And less data entry means more services can be offered allowing them to keep up a one on one relationship with our clients. ^OG

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