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  1. I had it 4 months ago and had a severe case of it with serious SERIOUS symptoms. I am now exhibiting the same symptoms that led me to test last time. They started off mild and progressively got worse. I'm so scared rn. They say that its worse the 2nd time. The first time almost killed me. Idk what to do.

  2. When it is reinfection, it should always be accounted, when new cases are evident, it is to be accounted to the carrier, since reinfection cases are not good, never be complacent at any place at any time, endemic, it is always anticipated, forecasted and always prepared, no one is to take things lightly specially the children, and their respective guardians, parents, for all of them to be safe, clean, healthy and orderly. ISO certifications for health and sanitation for Industrial types of workplace wherein it is always anticipated, building layout and planning per Geodetics standards, chemical engineering standards, electrical standards, as well as civil engineering standards, these 4 standards for layout and planning all throughout industrial set up in order for the workplace to be certain at these times of pandemic, earthquake, material after material and design for them to always be proof. Be it medical equipment. ISO certifications for quality and quantity to carry out work and ethical standards, the way SME GPS, all fields, admnstrative support as well for coordination to protect vast lives

  3. More nonsense. When are the MSM going to give up on the pushing of this fake pandemic? Old sickly seniors die and every one of them is "listed" as a covid death…it's insane and definitely Not true. Covid is a scam.