Credit Card Churning | How to Begin, Which Cards, & Risk [Ep. 2]

In part 1, we covered the big picture of how this hobby works. In this second part, weโ€™ll cover how to begin, which cards are best, assessing value, and the your risk tolerance.

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1:12 โ€“ Where Should You Begin?
4:16 โ€“ Which Credit Cards Do I Recommend?
7:31 โ€“ Assessing Value
9:44 โ€“ Risk & Gray Areas
12:04 โ€“ Final Thoughts

Credit Card Churning Pt 1:
/r/churning Flowchart:
/r/churning Flowchart (COVID edition):

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  1. So are you essentially downgrading the CSR to the CF to avoid the CSR yearly fee? In other words, shouldn't you always be working towards a MSR for a signup bonus? Should you downgrade and simultaneously apply to a card with a sign up bonus and begin working on that MSR?

  2. Tmmy Kimbarly

    Thanks to flashcardin he got my credit card to my door step you can reach him on telegram

  3. I Cast Eldritch Blast

    This is the cc equivalent of extreme couponing

  4. My mind is blown. Thank you for explaining this so clearly!!!

  5. Johnson Smith

    I bought my credit card from jamesmalthe on telegram with the easiest method to cash out which work 100% no red cap at all you own me a lot bro

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  8. Let's say I want to open a Chase Saphire, but already have the Chase unlimited card and all other no fee cards. Will they let me downgrade and combine the limit or something? Or would I be stuck with either keeping the Saphire card or cancelling it?

  9. Dave Willams

    Wow!! I just got my bitcoin and working on ccโ€™s from michesliver on telegram, he is honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Thanks man

  10. Dumpscode on telegram is the best๐Ÿ’ฏ

  11. Is there a fee to downgrade or cancel a card?

  12. I'm experienced also with CC and banking and this guy doesn't tell you enough details. Plus i don't agree with everything he says. Prob due to being sponsored.

  13. kaeya's eyepatch

    I don't know if I'm understanding this wrong, but doesn't credit card churning really only work if you have a stable income?

  14. Diana Hernandez

    Great vid!!!! Love all of your vids, but these finance ones are huge help. Can you do an extra vid on reaching MSR if you're opening multiple cards per year. Thank you!! -D

  15. Mohanad el nokali

    Thanks for the video, noob question here.. lets say i get sign up of $300 on a card and $200 on another card… How can i combine them to buy airline ticket of $500 ?

  16. Another way to make money off your credit cards is by selling the authorized user spots on them. It's called "tradelines". It helps the person buying the spot build their credit and I get paid for being the credit partner. Only the banks stand to lose a bit. There are companies out there that make the whole process safe.

  17. Nice video…

  18. Who said you needed an MD to change lives? Stuff is gold. Thanks Kev

  19. How do you keep track of the rules such as 5/24? Do you have to do it yourself or can you check with Chase?

  20. Adrian Valderrama

    Any idea on how long you get to keep these points? I'm an incoming M1 and wondering if it would be worth it to start churning now, or if I should wait until later in med school

  21. This is very helpful please post more to this series!

  22. How can I buy that shirt?

  23. Andrew Leung

    This guy did a whole 180 switching to something else besides science now wow

  24. Behind the White Coat

    What's a credit card?

  25. maxwell opoku

    Hey Kevin is this for americans only? Or I can also churn from a different country

  26. Kevin I'm a sophomore in college with no credit card history does this work with secured credit cards since my credit wont allow me to get any good ones??

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