Crimes Of The Week International: July 23, 2021

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Paris, France:

Delhi, India:

Mareetsane, South Africa:

Cojutepeque, El Salvador:

Dorset & Hampshire, England:

Port Hughes, Australia:

Oslo, Norway:

Yamatokoriyama, Japan:

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  1. Jeez, jewelry theft is an epidemic this week it seems

  2. She stole my watch (it's what you tell the missus) nothing else could have happened in a quiet parking lot.

  3. Dillinger Rockwell

    Rolex… Pffff… Who wears watches anymore? 😆
    I use to always wear a watch. But now with clocks and phones everywhere it seems like something I'd take with me hiking or camping, which of course wouldn't be a Rolex haha

  4. Rolex crime here in the U.K. is rife. There’s been many violent crimes and deaths recently over them.



  6. What's up Nigel and Luke so many fruit loops in the world it's crazy thanks for the upload and stay safe guys big ❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺

  7. A lady in Shakopee MN my home town got her head cut off in public! Look into if possible

  8. 14k to know the time…? I'm sure the girls put the money they got to batter use…

  9. Shiny Espurrz

    Love the new series, fits the channel so well

  10. Zero_BS_Tolerance

    Thank you.

  11. At 8:35 I just heard of this case and her picture on another site saying she was a landlord and her male tenant killed her he was caught and arrested

  12. Sound Transmitter

    I think the assault on that poor woman was more than alleged


    So 1st story, they legal AMERICANS??? Demorats want chaos!! But old dude must have been a pervert!! I don't let ANY RANDOM WOMAN TOUCH ME AT ALLLL!!!!!!

  14. The murder in South Australia is very distressing as her husband was abusive who would beat her up. I find it especially upsetting as I’m also Australian and my wife is originally from the Philippines also. The irony is Filipinas are attracted to what they term “foreigners”, particularly men from places like the United States or Australia as they perceive us to be kinder and gentler than Filipino men. I can imagine she was so happy to find a man who loved her and didn’t mind she was a single mother and then to find out he was putting on an act and instead was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  15. Money for Nothing

    Great video guys!

  16. What is the need for a $20,000. watch when you can have smart phone give you so much more than just time.

  17. How in the hell can someone hug you and get your watch off I mean come on now it's through a whole then it's tucked into another little piece I mean how do you remove somebody's watch off their wrist without them being will tell someone's doing it. Even with the elastic type watches still how do you get that off of somebody you have to be some dumb idiots

  18. Danny Jackson

    Good video guys 🇬🇧👍

  19. This channel ROCKS, in my weekly list of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING COVERAGE!!!😊😃💜💋

  20. 👍😊👍

  21. Melanie Rapp

    Hey was the stolen livestock a bunch of pigs….lol…ok that was bad…

  22. scrapping 365 days a year

    Here is what I don't understand. If you can afford a $20,000 watch why do you need to know what time it it is?

  23. Lana Campbell-Moore

    Thanks CZ😊

  24. You think a snatch and run robbery in India is international news worthy!? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Spending 20K on a watch is so incredibly stupid.

  26. Our world has turned to Sh!t

  27. Love You guys!!💙😁so consistent and awesome content! Thank you Nigel and Luke💙

  28. Good work, guys. Your videos are great and I've enjoyed them since I came across your Channel a while ago. If I could make a suggestion, though- the new background music is really obnoxious and distracting. The whistling and '80's synth are really hokey. I'd suggest going back to the original or finding something less jarring. Otherwise everything is great

  29. This music is trippy

  30. Norway has good jails if I'm not mistaken.

  31. CauseAndEffect

    I'm 63 and i know what criminal magnets are.
    He looks older than 63 so he is could be on the alcoholic side. 1:50

  32. Patrick Durham

    South Africa? Who woulda thunk?

  33. Yet another reason why a Rolex isn't a good idea.

  34. Bulletproof Gaming

    I never get here this early….but it's another home run for Nigel and Luke… Great Job Guys. Can't wait for the next one.

  35. Bobbi Sparks

    Shooting someone 11 times over $35??!! There's got to be more to that story there!! I'd hope so at least, who the hell would risk their freedom over $35??

  36. Dame Wash-a-lot

    Hi Nigel and Luke! Thanks for the upload!🧡 Love from Australia!🧡🦘💛✌🏿

  37. Scott Stewart

    Allow robot voice companies to emulate you guys please.

  38. People will try to copy this channel but will never match😎 the quality

  39. Thanx for the update fellas

  40. Grace Johnston

    Great new stuff! Keep it up!!

  41. Is it bad that I look forward to a channel about crime? Lol excellent work as always guys!!

  42. The guy from Delhi is pathetic…In Saosoka's case, it would be more likely her murderer is a relative, a lazy one at the. IMHO

  43. archipiratta

    I'm a simple man: I see a CZ notification come through, I hit that thumbs up and enjoy.

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