CRO COIN has gone up a lot recently as many people are buying the online digital crypto exchange and potential nft marketplace which uses blockchain technology. Its gained over 650%+ in recent years and today I analysis what is required if Cro is going to keep going up or not. Today it has pulled back and gone down 20% but should you sell cro coin? Cro coin analysis, Cro coin prediction. It Going To The MOON or CRASHING?! ( coin coin Analysis). cro Network Price Prediction? – cro Price Increase Coming? – cro coin Price Prediction 2021? – cro crypto is going to get more traction? coin, WHEN TO GET IN? how do you buy cro crypto?

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  1. CRO has gone down soooo much these last few days, the graph shows its on a decline. Good time to invest or pull out?? The lawsuit their going through at the moment might be bringing them down, can they rise back up??

  2. Suvasley Roy

    Dude get a grip.. you're always covering your arse. Put a written disclaimer up before the vlog, then tell us what you really think. If my foot itches like that again I'm going to have to rip it off.

  3. Ochogwu Lydia

    I just wannâ say big think to you #MISTCYBER# on iG

  4. The app is not opening, my account showed 0 all my crypto is missing? Got it all back 😂 there was a glitch in the app. Here a chance to become well off Shib coin

  5. samuel kyre C

    I'm new and I don't know what to do

  6. Good job

  7. Vinoth Kumar

    Will binance list cro token and take the challenge with bnb

  8. andre swanson

    I don't think it will go up that much. Dogecoin trades on major stock exchange that is why they are going up so much. Cro will never hit those rates unless it goes into the stock market.

  9. Lookout4the3rdrail


  10. what is your referral code? invite link needs it.

  11. cdc doing well so far there is nothing to worry about .

  12. Thibault Ernst

    the twitter customer service is really great

  13. I think people don't realize how big the Visa partnership is. How big it is that CRO has its own Mainnet.

    Visa with did the first crypto to crypto transaction with a credit card. It was done in USDC. Soon (phase 2) there will be USDC on CRO chain. 1 + 1

  14. David Bourdages

    CRO – TEL – HOLO ETC –

  15. Heath Vidrine

    I guarantee you there customers service is better than robinhood. They ain't even got a phone number.

  16. Daniel Dziadul

    Problem with CRO is actually fact that there is free CRO everywhere… If this does 10x everyone would get higher tier card and they would have to give more in rewards… Buy 3k card CRO does 10x and you will get your 3k in interest every year… Never gonna happen with those rewards unless volume picks up

  17. Cro is going to zero

  18. Discovered a gem called $DEXA
    100x potential
    Would love to hear from u about dexa .

  19. Investing in Cryptocurrency NOW should be in every wise individuals list in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today 💯💯

  20. Eduard yarin

    CRO is one of the few coins that I feel like I'm still not late to the game on. They have a great team, great plans coming up, will be finishing the year strong! Go shopping while the price is low and increase amount of CRO for the cash back from crypto debit cards!

  21. Da Franchise


  22. Also Buy Memes token, easy 10x

  23. antonio singh

    This will 10 X soon 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  24. Jackson moon

    To know more about crypto investments and planes
    Reply to this comment

  25. Crobtc buys at the bottom

  26. Just look at BNB. CRO will follow soon or later.

  27. shit coin

  28. CRO is the most undervalued crypto at moment. 16% interest per annum if you put Your CRO in DeFi wallet

  29. SCAMMERS are trying to contact your subscriber by WhatsApp. Be careful subscribers, don't fall for their S..T

  30. chetser is the key, buy while its cheap!

  31. has big plans in the upcoming future and i believe both their cryptocurrency and their company will explode in value

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