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Drug and alcohol treatment center Located in Orange County.
AKUA Mind & Body, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has a team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to help create an environment of healing and transformation, for each client seeking change. Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center is located close to the beach in sunny southern California. #recoveryaddiction #drugrehabcenter

AKUA Mind & Body – Open 24/7 (888) 740-4197 –
California Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Orange County, Insurance Covers up to 100%. FREE CONSULTATION

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AKUA Mind & Body – Open 24/7 (888) 740-4197 –
Addiction is hard enough alone. Get help – the Best Medical Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Orange County. Plans personalized to you!

At AKUA Mind & Body, we combine treatment programs for the mind, body, and spirit into a holistic therapeutic method in beautiful Southern California. Blending clinical excellence with a healing and rejuvenating holistic environment, we have created treatment programs fusing the latest advances in addiction medicine with eastern traditions. AKUA is unlike any hospital or residential treatment facility; it is a revitalizing retreat for those who need assistance in dealing with drug or alcohol addictions. Our integrative approach combines physical, psychological, spiritual, and science-based approaches to achieve not only detoxification and intensive treatment, but a solid foundation for healing and recovery. Our goal is for you to emerge from your stay at our high-end treatment facilities in Orange County with the tools you need to confront drug and alcohol dependency.
AKUA Mind & Body – Open 24/7 (888) 740-4197 –
#addictionrecovery #addictiontreatment #rehabcenter


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