Crusher of the Month: Cosmo Coin (COSM) – Blockchain-Based B2C Cosmetics Platform

Cosmochain is a beauty platform that connects customers that buy cosmetics/beauty products and create related contents such as blogs, images and videos, and reviews with companies (brand/ manufacturers / distributors) that require different sorts of beauty related database. Within this blockchain-based beauty platform that integrates existing beauty communities, social media, and marketplaces, COSM tokens will be given out to participant as rewards.

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In our Crusher of the Month series we select a digital coin or token each month that we have high conviction in. Here are some reasons why we selected Cosmo Coin (ticker: COSM) for our July 2018 Crusher of the Month:

#1: Unique Combination of Korean Market, Cosmetics and Cryptocurrency

Koreans are receptive of cryptocurrencies, with the highest adoption rate in the world. Korea is also one of the world’s largest beauty market where various local brands and influencer-based beauty contents are actively created and shared globally. We believe that this project would not take off as easily in other countries.

Cosmochain will soon be releasing its very own beauty platform COSMEE at the end of August 2018. It will initially be pilot launched in the form of a mobile application where users will be rewarded coins for their various participations.

The expected participants of the pilot program will be 30,000 strong, and users will be able to earn COSM tokens for their information curatorial activities.

#2: Low Market Awareness

The project has not generated much market awareness. During the crowdsale, the hard cap took a while to reach. Perhaps due to the team and investor base being mostly from Asia and the lack of marketing, not many Western investors know about the project.

The project was also not listed on CoinMarketCap until a few days ago. Combining the low market awareness with the lack of large exchange listing the token (it is currently only trading on Hitbtc, LAToken, and UEX), COSM tokens are trading at below ICO price.

We believe that with the pilot program launching in a month whereby 30,000 participants will be able to earn COSM tokens on the platform, the project will gain awareness as more usage happens. Network value will also increase as the platform gains more traction.


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    02:38 #1 – Unique Combination of the S. Korean Market, Cosmetics and Cryptocurrency
    03:53 #2 – Low Market Awareness

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  2. This project is junk and the huge decline in price just proves it

  3. Noel Reynolds

    Careful with the comments, lots of fake airdrops wanting your private key!

  4. Calvin Leong

    If this is crusher of the month for July 2018,does it mean the coin gona rise in July or August?Since Crush Crypto posted this on end of July,i assume COSM will rise in August?

  5. Well done😃

  6. the Animalix

    Does COSM project really need blockchain or are they just jumping the crypto hype train?

  7. Aleksandar Mahovac

    The best crypto channel on youtube!

  8. Great job once again Victoria

  9. I loved you in "The Ring"

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    Who holds DENT? Do not miss a chance to increase the number of your coins using

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    Nice video, can you please review Jura Network?

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    Did you hear about the opening of public ICO Telegram?! It will be a great project! I bought 5000 tokens for the long run on

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