Crypto being pumped by Miami Conference? Elon needs to stop tweeting/manipulating crypto.

Crypto being pumped by Miami Conference? Elon needs to stop tweeting/manipulating crypto

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  1. Crypto Currency News Guy

    Miami Pumping Bitcoin? — 2:25

    Elon Musk needs to stop the cryptic tweets — 7:00

  2. About to Explode BCTR

  3. How do you use CRYPTO without an electronic device (or power outage)?  Crypto is only for the 1% wealthy because the POOR do not have electronic devices.  Therefore, crypto is not real currency.  We are NOT all George.  Elon is Space God!  Cyber-attack BTC!!!!!          S E L L                   SE L L                    S E L L !!!

  4. anthony aspro

    Pumped huh? like downward u meant? LOL crypto is getting to be joke now

  5. Mola chilling

    The biggest no brainer in crypto right now is $AGIX SingularityNet – How many times do people need to be told AI is the future?

  6. BAT looks like the only crypto with a real world application.

  7. Crypto community needs to stop following Elon tweets or report Elon musk twitter

  8. Do you play harmonica for real ..?

  9. Crypto is ANTI BANNING anyone. Let the Entropy settle down. It will resolved naturally .

  10. Avatar Conscious

    🙏If you are reading this: I wish hope and pray you are a TRILLIONAIRE from crypto in the next year 🙏🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛💛💛
    Be blessed x 1,000,000!!!🙏💛💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛💕💕

  11. Violetta Hancock

    No more Tesla!!

  12. Scott Gallacher

    Elon is just using classic misdirection tbh, has everybody thinking he’s promoting doge, when in reality he’s not interested in it.

    It’s a case of “ooh hey everybody look at this shiny object” while he buys everything impacted by the resulting behaviour..

    In reality he is probably making much better investments we will not hear about until it’s too late.

  13. Crypto Friend

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do

  14. It’s criminal to manipulate the market

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  16. I am hearing you as well. BIG FISH are swallowing up small fish like us. Their pump and dump methods . I appreciate you are sharing your thoughts by passing on to all of us. Thank you for speaking out.

  17. karanba antol

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  19. selami serkab

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  21. Pump and dump with strategic methods by certain "BIGGER FISH" is affecting the caos of inexperienced investors such myself. Manipulation of the stocks market start. I'M sure Then there are certain know it all people that are promoting their ideas of b

    S OF your knowledgeable and straght up.

  22. I disagree! I believe that the whales are using Elon as a puppet to move the market based on what the whales indicate on him to do. He is a whale figurehead that takes all the blame.

  23. Thanks Bob! Wondering too have you noticed any particular trends after Elon’s tweets what coins usually pump the most?

  24. With Elon’s latest tweets do you think it’s a better buying opportunity to buy now or buy after Sunday?

  25. What you think about Flare, is it going to replace Ethereum and bring its value down? I heard its a Ethereum killer?.

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