Bitcoin mimics Wall Street and rises Above $ 10,800 As Altcoins Rejoice
Bitcoin followed the rise in Wall Street prices and jumped 1% to around $ 10,800.

Bitcoin’s rise seems to be correlated with the US stock market. The S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average finished yesterday’s trading session with gains of about 1%.
Gold has shown unusually high volatility. The precious metal jumped from 1880 to 1900 dollars, then fell again and repeated this movement again in a matter of hours.
Ethereum climbed above $ 360 after a jump of almost 2%. Ripple and Bitcoin Cash have shown marginal gains and are at about the same level as yesterday – $ 0.241 and $ 228, respectively.
Expanding 5% to over $ 0.10, ADA actually surpassed Coin to come in at 10th place.
Cryptocurrency market analysis

SingularityNET cites Ethereum 2.0’s “lack of clarity” when planning a migration to Cardano.
SingularityNET Announces Plans To Move Much Of Its Network From Ethereum To Cardano Blockchain

SingularityNET has announced plans to move a significant portion of its network from Ethereum to the IOHK-managed Cardano blockchain due to upcoming Cardano updates that include the Plutus smart contract framework.

Bitcoin SV Activity Rises 761% Ahead Of BSV Conference
The active addresses and number of transactions on the Bitcoin SV network have grown incredibly in two days.

BSV’s active addresses grew from 110,000 to 947,000 in two days. Meanwhile, the average transaction cost over the same period fell by two-thirds.
That’s an astounding growth rate of 761% just two days before CoinGeek Live, which kicked off on September 30 at 9 a.m. New York time and runs through October 2.

BitFlyer Opens Japanese Bitcoin Market For European Traders
BitFlyer Europe provides its European bitcoin traders with direct access to the Japanese liquidity of its parent exchange in Tokyo.

Announced Wednesday, the cross-border initiative opens up major Japanese bitcoin markets for European traders looking for a bitcoin / Japanese yen trading pair.

Institutional Crypto Platform Wootrade Raises $ 10 Million In Investment Round
Wootrade Raises $ 10 Million in Private Round of Fundraising

Wootrade, a Taiwanese liquidity and crypto-asset exchange platform targeting institutions, has completed a $ 10 million private investment round led by Dragonfly Capital.

Crypto Startup Salt Should Offer $ 47 Million ICO Refunds
SEC accused Salt Lending of illegally selling an unregistered security

The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that SALT Blockchain, the company behind the cryptocurrency-enabled SALT Lending loan service, is due to reimburse customers who purchased its SALT tokens during the initial coin offering in 2017.

Fluree Opens $ 1.5M Contract With BBC Through Latest VC
Blockchain startup Fluree has raised $ 2.5 million in additional funding from venture capital backers.

The new capital increases Fluree Public Benefit Corporation’s total seed funding to $ 6.5 million. Fluree’s public relations manager, Kevin Doubleday, said he is also opening a $ 1.5 million defense contract promised as a top-up to the US Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.
Fluree contract with BBC

IOTA introduces new product with Jaguar Land Rover and STMicroelectronics
The IOTA Foundation has unveiled its new product, IOTA Access.

In their Medium post on September 30th, the IOTA Foundation unveiled their new product, IOTA Access.
The announcement was made with IOTA’s first major launch partners, including luxury car giant Jaguar Land Rover and international semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics.

Australian government digital business plan includes $ 5 million on blockchain
Australian Prime Minister Announces Largest Federal Government Investment in Blockchain

This week, the Australian government released its $ 574 million digital business plan, which includes seven-figure grants for distributed ledger technology initiatives.

1inch Funded by Binance Labs partners With Hacken To Solve DeFi Security Challenge
1inch announced that it is partnering with cybersecurity solution provider Hacken

Decentralized crypto exchange 1inch announced that it is partnering with cybersecurity solutions provider Hacken to improve platform security by auditing its code, APIs, and infrastructure. According to the press release, the Hacken team will focus in particular on working as auditor of cryptocurrency exchanges. Hacken previously made headlines after announcing its integration with Chainlink’s “decentralized” oracles, a development that will make data more accessible to decentralized applications.
1inch partners with Hacken


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