Crypto news today signals big profits for the entire crypto market (THIS IS HUGE)

Crypto news today should excite every crypto investor. Ukraine has officially legalised crypto! Now that may not sound sexy, but if you understand the crypto market then you should be jumping with joy. Ukraine crypto problems have been ongoing for years, with the country uhmming and ahhing whether to ban cryptocurrency entirely or not. But they’ve been forced to legalise it. Expect other countries to do the same. And with each one the entire entire crypto market gets more buyers which means big long term crypto profit returns. I can’t stress how big this cryptocurrency news is – though I know most people will not appreciate its significance. Watch the video for a deep look at the crypto news today.

Want to know which coins I’ve put my money in? See the full list at now.

I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments.

Recap: Crypto news today. Ukraine crypto is on!


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  1. Can you review top 400-500 coins for more potential, pls? 🙂

  2. Loving the positive gaining is in beast mode

  3. Kaylynn Leonel

    Won't be immediate but for sure will help the snowball effect with other over the moon with this news

  4. Karmen Huyser

    Ukraine finally making a for the rest to stop screwing around

  5. niggel jasso

    Mate this is going for cmc

  6. Seyit Edibali

    Bro, top work as bough qanplatform after your vid and my god has it been good to me

  7. Hi I see you are from the uk..may I ask how do you withdraw from binance to a uk bank ac

  8. Shonda Harris


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  10. Bitcoin will tank again

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