Crypto Trading Challenge: Turning $1k Into $10k (EP01)

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In this upcoming cryptocurrency challenge series, I’ll be aiming to trade my way up from $1,000 to $10,000. In this video, I’ll be outlining the rules and expectations for the upcoming challenge as well as my two initial investment choices.

Let me know what you think of my rules and my starting positions down in the comments.

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  1. One Question: Will you use funds from the ALtCOin or S***COIN Funds ? Will you be willing to invest in those kind of coins is better question to make it to 10K.

  2. Binance is going to keep going up. Really use it alot maybe you can stake some cake in pancake swap too

  3. Wow Cora! Your choice was spot on! Binance is going up since this video. XRP as expected is just chilling.

  4. Can you please take a look at Superdoge. Would really love to hear your thoughts on that!

  5. Can you plz show us how to buy Xdc , xyo on the trust wallet😂 I’m going to keep repeating this until you to

  6. I bought safemoon on trust wallet yesterday is this fine. Or should I have waited more longer. 😢 Please help me Cora wat shal i do hold it cos its going down

  7. Also please teach how to day trade with smaller amount , start from @100 0r @200 as not many can invest $1000

  8. You should Check out Nafter it’s launching its app next month. It’s going to be the first social media NFT platform .

  9. Safegem token looks great…. you should invest some money in that token… you won't regret.

  10. You should buy PUBE, is not just a "Go to the moon project", this project have a similar structure like safemoon, but the tokens doesn't burn, indeed, it's donate to diferent organization to help people

  11. Maybe mattic might be a shout before it hits £2 then use some profits from there

  12. U can move that 1k$ to 10k in 2 months trading in futures with a conservative strategy. I can show u how