Crypto Trading For Beginners: Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Today we explain the basics of cryptocurrencies, using Bitcoin as our way of exploring the world of digital tokens of exchange and Blockchain technology.


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  1. Keyser The Red Beard

    amazing content Trading 212. I broke the thumbs up on your video. Keep up the superb work.

  2. Matthew olamide

    this amazing, more insight peter.

  3. Rico Does it

    Thanks man, your channel was recommended by a friend. 🤝

  4. Great video, As a new member to Trading 212.

  5. Soundz Beatz

    I love what you do…… I will love to have you as a personal guide

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  7. Elliot Mutseta

    Thanks Peter, I now understand what Bitcoin is.

  8. I’m still confused but this helped a little. I’m 55 yrs old and have never used it before, but it’s looking like this is where the world is heading. I just found out today, that the company I work for is rolling out it’s own ‘brand’ of crypto currency and Forex. Thought I’d better learn what I can and fast! Thanks so much for doing this!

  9. trading has educated me a lot both mentally and financially

  10. Justin O'Casy

    Thanks Peter , as always a very insightful video in minimal time.

  11. If you believe in the future then you’ll understand bitcoin is becoming the future value.

  12. Hola Blockchain


  13. Will happy to see videos of technical analysis of cryptocurrencies

  14. Geez, I've been requesting videos on TA for Ripple and Bitcoin a long time ago. About time!

  15. 328pNJz8gVAg8T6bF6WWY5DbRZG9PHDedi

  16. Hazmedic_XRP

    All cryptos and FIAT types will run on the Interledger Protocol within the next few years, all cross border payments globally settled within 30 seconds as opposed to days. The crypto you're looking for is XRP.

  17. Aryan Khalid

    Could you make a video on hedging?

  18. Excellent Peter, look forward to seeing more of these.

  19. Please can you add Bitcoin Cash?

  20. Thanks Peter.

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