Crypto Trading Pairs Explained – What trading pairs should I use?

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  1. best explanation to date !!!! thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol finally after a week of head melt …. i get it !!

  2. "keep it simple:
    You wanna be in one coin, that is outperforming the next, as long as nothing is plummeting in price – so if BTC is moving sideways ALT/BTC pairs, BTC is climbing higher ALT/UDST pairs if BTC is falling slowly ALT/BTC pairs"

    great advice man.

  3. My current dilemma is I have more bitcoin reserves then cash and felt owning more would be better then just letting it sit there. Did this while BTC wasn't really moving, so in the end it worked out, but as BTC has risen 10% in the last week, I can see that BTC's growth is essentially being subtracted from the altcoin it's paired with. All in all I grew my BTC so it worked out, Ill definitely be a bit more cautious in the future. Thanks for the breakdown.

  4. Hi there ! would you know the answer to this question, it has me confused:
    -When BUYING against BTC is it better to do it when BTC prices are up, or when they are down?
    -When SELLING against BTC is it better to do it when BTC prices are up, or when they are down?
    Thanks a lot


  5. How much fee will be charged to hold any pairs more than a week or month????

  6. The thing is that alt/btc pairs are relative value whereas alt/usdt pairs are absolute value. Bitcoin has outperformed every other coin long-term so alt/btc pairs are worth less btc. So in order for my alt/btc trade to be profitable long term in btc the alt has to win a battle against bitcoin in absolute value %gain over the long-term therefore increasing the relative value of alt/btc. This thesis implies that an undervalued altcoin must surpass its all time high and beyond in absolute value in order to have a long-term value gain agains the alt/btc pair. Otherwise the alt/btc pair will always yield less bitcoin becoming a degenerator because less bitcoin buys more altcoin. Alt/btc pair can be profitable short-term assuming bitcoins absolute value % decrease will be greater than that of the altcoin. Some one with lots of bitcoin might trade alt/btc in the shor-term since they have so much buying power and they dont plan on holding for long (these only works when degenerators attempt to revert to their mean relative value against btc) or (when for a specific reason a new altcoin project greatly outperforms btc in absolute value % gains over a given time period. Having these data points in mind and if you only have cash it would be reasonable to only use alt/btc/eth pairs to buy new projets or something even more dangerous (trading bitcoin on a short-term opportunity with a degenerator. Only professionals should trade degenerators).

  7. hes being nice when he says you can't do the math to convert BTC to USDT, the truth is i just can't do math.

  8. jees this is not beginner friendly haha kinda have a better understanding tho?

  9. I respect the video but this is making absolutely zero sense to me. Guess its time to do more homework

  10. Great explanation! So let’s say I have my bots trading btc pairs and I know btc is going to loose value against dollar, should I trade all my btc to buy usdt and turn on the usdt bots until btc stops falling and then buying btc at a low price with the usdts? And so on? Thanks a lot!

  11. Im not familiar with crypto or forex. If I want to short BTC (not the best idea, I know) how do I do that? BTC vs USDT? I seen the last 2 moves coming. Needs to retrace, will break the neckline at 32k this month. Then 26k- 20k is on the table!!!

  12. whats the reason to trade btc/usdc pairs and not btc/usd pairs…tax reasons? or when you convert to usdc you still pay taxes on each trade like usd??? i live in usa…thanks

  13. Bitcoin is the future, investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise. I am happy to invest with C O I N E A R N E R S . F U N D and making tons of return,

  14. I don't get this at all, whats the point of all different pairs? I use $ or euros, why would I wanna trade a pair that I cannot really quantify? Can someone explain please, thanks

  15. Chris, im amazed how well organised you made the TG-groups. Big Respect. Im still learning, it's tough all the info but i'll get there. You certainly set this whole group up amazingly! im amazed!
    Many Thanks.
    Kind Regards, from europe

  16. If the crypto market is sinking, and I want to temporarily move my currency over to USDC (USD coin), does that avoid a short term capital gain for that transaction?